Kris Humphries’ Ex-Girlfriend Myla Sinanaj Pregnant with His Child. Sinanaj supposedly confirmed that she’s three months into her pregnancy earlier this week, according to TMZ. The site claims the hotel employee has told people Humphries is the father. Humphries and Sinanaj have been engaged in an ugly battle ever since it emerged that they secretly dated for several months in the immediate aftermath of Humphries’ split from Kim Kardashian.

The NBA player had hoped to establish that he’d been heartbroken and devastated in the aftermath of the Kardashian breakup. This is not going to look good for him in court. Myla is planning on keeping the baby, but reportedly does not want Kris to play a part in the child’s life.She allegedly feels Kris has betrayed her by speaking about their relationship in the past. As Kim, 31, and Kris’ divorce disposition gets underway, reality star Kim could utilise the news of Myla’s pregnancy to her benefit in proceedings.