We are less than a week into 2013 and Justin Bieber is not having a very good first week, as Justin Bieber smoking pot pictures have surfaced and now his management is going to have even more to cover up! He has already had to deal with the paparazzi death that occurred while following his car and now, as seen in the picture below from TMZ, it looks like Justin Bieber smoking weed while partying in a hotel with friends. First Rihanna and now Bieber with pot scandals in 2013. Is 2013 all about weed for the stars?

Here is the funny part of this story, or at least funny to me. On January 1, a paparazzo was killed while he was following Justin Bieber’s Ferrari on a “hot story.” The paparazzo told his boss that he had pictures of Bieber smoking pot and was going to continue to follow him and he was going to break a huge story. During his following of what he thought was Justin in his Ferrari (it turned out to be Bieber’s BFF and rapper Lil Twist), the man was killed while out trying to get the breaking story. Bieber’s management denied he was smoking weed, but now the picture below emerges from a party in a Newport Beach hotel a day after the death!

As you can see, that surely looks like pot in his fingers. Party-goers said that Lil Twist and his brothers were rolling the pot and it was going around with everyone. It was a big party for everyone in the room, including the 18-year-old singer Justin Bieber. He has been getting in more and more trouble these past couple months and seems to be off the straight-and-narrow that he always seemed to be on.

In defense, Justin Bieber said: “Everyday growing and learning. trying to be better. u get knocked down, u get up. Back on tour tomorrow. ready to see u all smile. time to do what im supposed to be doing. performing. #BELIEVEtour” and “like i said…2013…new challenges. new doubters…Im ready. We are ready. see u all tomorrow and everyday after that. #BELIEVEtour.” Check out the picture here and see what you think:

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