Let’s call this one THE DUMBEST DECISION YET.

But before we get to Survivor… for all of those concerned, my cushions… are dry.  Hallelujah.  Such a big relief. You really don’t know how good you have it until you undergo a major crisis such as wet outdoor patio cushions.  I didn’t even share that when I called Pottery Barn – I mean when my assistant, actually my free intern, called Pottery Barn – they said those cushions were not being made anymore.  Say what?!!

I truly thought for a moment, “What am I gonna do?”  But then like a gift from the Universe, the sun came out.  That beautiful ball of heat, the most important part of our incredible solar system revealed itself to Southern California and those cushions… that were once so wet…miraculously dried.  I still marvel at the power of nature.

Okay onto Survivor…and THE DUMBEST DECISION YET


Admit it.  Go on, admit it!  You smiled when he found it.  You turned to whomever you were watching with and said, “I don’t believe it.  He found another idol!”  I know I did.  How can you not?  It’s not Survivor if Russell isn’t looking, finding, or playing an idol. Now that he has it, this season is officially on, and things are about to change dramatically.  How can they not, ‘ole Russell is now back in charge.

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