Oh cry me a freakin river Jake! Well..TRY to cry me a river! I didn’t actually see tears roll..but come on already, Man the F up!! LOL..Sorry but I’m always a little hard on the fellas when they cry on TV, and Jake gets no pass from me! I think the real reason he’s so upset is because his 15 minutes are JUST about up! Oh wait..if him and Vienna get married, I’m sure there will some kind of TV special about it! I won’t see it, so you’ll have to tell me how that went!

Actress Niecy Nash and Louis Van Amstel, skater Evan Lysacek(Who’s real hair strangely looks like a wig!) and Anna Trebunskaya, actress Pamela Anderson and Damian Whitewood, singer Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough, sportscaster Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovsky and NFL star Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke will return to next Monday’s seventh week of competition.

BTW, our very own Ashley is on FIRE with her picks lately! I believe she was the 1st to say, “Kate and Jake need to go!” I was thrilled to death to see Kate leave, and just as happy to Jake go!

His performances were luke warm at best, I think he was more impressed with himself than the fans were and I think he got numerous free passes from the judges when he didn’t deserve such high praise!

How many times did he almost slip and fall in the competition? Monday was just the latest mistake when the stairs got in the way of his feet and he almost blew it once again! He held it together, I’ll give him that much but it was hardly good dancing! I’m sticking to my claim that his partner Chelsie isn’t a big Jake fan…nope, not so much! I’ll miss her WAY more than him! Little Chelsie’s gone..I think I’ll cry about it…lol

I think Pamela’s time is almost over..then that will be the shows “Big 3” gone! THEN let’s see how the ratings are! This week was another so-so dance week for me! Samba and Argentine Tango..oh yay! The little sockhop marathon style thing was lame too! They need to step up the dances to keep my interest..you?

I thought the Sports Science segment was pretty cool! I’d like to see more of that! Maybe even have the judges show specifically what they’re talking about, when they talk about the technical part of the dance! I hope to see some more of that, cuz dance really should be respected! It’s not easy people!

If I have to say anything good about Jake is, he at least seemed to give it his all..even if his all wasn’t good enough! Kate was just an embarrasment to the show, and while I don’t think Jake is half as bad as Kate, he IS a little corny for me! I don’t like or dislike the guy, but I can’t bear seeing him in his underwear again! LOL..

Little side note for Jake! It’s Dancing with THE Stars, not Dancing with Stars! It’s hardly the best season ever and you mention the Dallas Mavericks not once but twice? Yeah guy…they’re on the verge of another playoff flameout! Kinda how Jake’s TV flame is almost out!

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