We just began the Voice Battles last night on The Voice Season 16 and that means we all want more of the action and more of the battles taking place this Tuesday night, but is The Voice 2019 on tonight? Check out the details for The Voice tonight on NBC below in our The Voice 2019 spoilers!

The Voice 2019 Spoilers - Voice Battles - Is it on tonight 3-26-2019

Last night on The Voice 2019 Season 16, we had the first night of the battle rounds for this new season. The coaches matched up artists on their own teams and it was time to see them do battle in that ring. Night 1 and we already had three steals come into play, which included the Team Kelly battle between Jej Vinson and Beth Griffith-Manley. It was an amazing battle and a strong end to the first night of the Voice Battles!

Now, we are all wanting another episode of The Voice Season 16 tonight, right? Well, you are out of luck, for some reason! Tuesday nights must have been a slower night for The Voice on NBC, as they seemed to have nixed the two-a-week episodes until April 25th, which is probably when the live shows will be starting and the result shows begin!

Instead, we have new episodes of Ellen’s Game of Games, This Is Us and New Amsterdam on. Not The Voice, but we will survive. We will get to see the next set of Voice Battles next week and they will probably start giving us some quick looks at battles, as the season isn’t extended any longer even without the Tuesday night episodes!

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