CBS’s new Reality TV series Hunted has already journeyed through the capture of three sets of Fugitives, including the latest team to see their game end, Troy and Chele Pfost. Now with their adventure over the pair sat down to talk about getting caught on Hunted.

Troy & Chele Pfost on Hunted CBS

Troy and Chele were cleaning up on making progress for the first few weeks of the 28-day run while they stayed out in the wild walking trails and camping in the woods. It was a fantastic plan. Then they changed things up. That wasn’t a fantastic plan.

“I still don’t know how we got caught,” says Troy in his Hunted interview with CBS. I don’t either and it’s definitely suspicious. Troy explains that Chele hadn’t contacted her friend Amanda in seven years. “No connection,” he explained.

Then, in the clip below, things jump to the Hunted Command Center analyst discussing Chele “having a conversation about reconnecting after not being in touch for some time.” So either Troy didn’t know that Chele had been in contact with her or the details by the analyst were bogus.

We did see in the latest episode how the Hunters posted a message on either Troy or Chele’s social media account about asking for information on their whereabouts and Chele’s friend Amanda left a message telling others to not say anything. That was suggested in the episode to be their lead to drive out to her house and question which ultimately led to the Pfosts’ capture. Still a pretty shaky sequence of events there.

Troy explains how he and Chele were upstairs in the friend’s house making plans for their next move when the Hunters pulled up in the driveway. The Pfosts quickly gathered their belongings and ran out the back. While hiding in a field nearby they saw the SUV drive by twice but thought they hadn’t been detected. They were.

When the first Hunter jumped out of the car and came towards them there was no chase given. Troy decided that was it and they stayed put as we saw in the show. If I remember correctly they made it to around Day 18 which is pretty awesome. As I noted in my discussion of Hunted’s messy timeline, it’d have been nice for more details and reminders on just how far they made it in the 28-day goal.

Check out their full interview clip below to see what Chele and Troy took away from their adventure and their thoughts on the experience.

Hunted: Troy & Chele Pfost Interview