If you missed last night’s premiere of CBS’s Hunted then be sure to catch this clip below as we learned it could be very, very easy to capture any of the teams thanks to a simple mistake.

Hunted Command Center watches a capture

We met three of the pairs on Hunted last night and each of them had a unique approach. David & Emiley bunkered down with friends. Angela & Michele headed for the remote woods. Matt & Christina announced their position then took the parade route to their capture. Oops.

All of the Hunted pairs received an ATM card with $500 on it and this would be the source of their funding for the 28 days of evasion. Trouble is that when it’s used it triggers an alert to the Hunters providing your location. David thought to use his card near his home before leaving. Matt however decided to use his at the bus stop before taking the next ride out of town. Well guess how that turned out.

Initially the investigators wondered if the move was so stupid it was a ploy to make them think Matt Sundberg & Christina Zapolski had boarded a bus there but thanks to the cameras they were able to confirm they were there and that they caught the next bus to Atlanta.

Check out the video from Hunted on CBS as two pairs of Hunters waited at the Atlanta bus stop. All the Hunters have to do is make physical contact with an evader to end their game. I still don’t know what happens if they only catch one of the two, but that’s a question for another episode I’m sure.

Team Matt & Christina Captured on Hunted:

The next episode of Hunted airs this Wednesday on CBS at 8/7c. We’ll get another two hours this week which should cover the other six pairs’ introduction so get ready to see what happens next.

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