Tonight on CBS the Hunted season finale (8/7c) is set to reveal who will win and who will be caught from the series’s inaugural season conclusion.

Update: Results reveal who won Hunted! Find out which teams got away & who was caught in the finale.

Hunted 2017 Season Finale on CBS

Just three teams remain and the pressure is on for the Command Center to capture these final pairs of Fugitives or cost the series up to $750,000 if everyone makes it through the night. So who is it going to be?

Our latest sneak peek from CBS with possible Hunted spoilers shows that Aarif & Immad look to be in the most danger so far for being captured during tonight’s finale. That could leave Stephen & English and Lee & Hilmar in a less certain state for their possible outcome.

So what if everyone makes it through the night? They’ll all cash in on the $250K prize money. But if they’re all caught? No one gets anything and I think that’d be a bad outcome for the show. There have been so many issues with the series and its storytelling that I feel like it’ll be a letdown to the audience if there are no Fugitives left at the end of the night.

We’ve been watching for six weeks without a clear direction of which side we’re supposed to root for but I’d have a hard time accepting that none of the teams have earned the prize money. I had thought we’d see David & Emiley make it through since we’d been following them since the season premiere, but their game ended last week. Having only just met Team Stephen & English, and not being particularly impressed by their methods, I’d consider it another letdown if they’re the only ones who make it.

I’m still waiting to hear if CBS will decide to renew the Hunted series for a second season. I think there’s potential for the show still but it’s definitely got plenty of room for improvement. We’ll have to see how tonight’s finale goes to figure out just how much they need to tweak. Join us for the show at 8PM ET for our live coverage as we wait to find out who will win Hunted!