Hunted’s latest team of Fugitives set to be revealed this week on CBS’s new show includes Sentra Tran and Thu Tran, longtime best friends though not related despite the shared last name. These ladies are set to hit the road and evade capture for 28 days, if they can.

Sentra Tran & Thu Tran on CBS's Hunted show

These ladies have been friends since they were five years old and Sentra considers Thu to be the “ying to my yang” as they balance out each other’s strengths. What are those strengths? Creativity and “slay bitches all day long.”

Sentra likes to play online games like Call of Duty and she expects anticipating her enemies’ moves in gaming will help her here. Speaking of online activities, Sentra says they’ll use the “dark web” as an untraceable method of reaching out to her network of friends for help. Meanwhile Thu expects her problem solving skills from working weddings to help her figure a way out of their troubles on their Hunted adventure.

Sentra explains she’s going to write down all the contact phone numbers from her phone then take the paper with her and grab a burner phone to avoid having the GPS feature of her smartphone. They’ll then carefully limit their digital usage and evade their Hunters by staying one step ahead of them.

Thu & Sentra Tran on Hunted CBS

Analyst Ben Owen doesn’t sound terribly impressed with what he’s read of them so far though as he gives them a five out of ten rating but does say they could go up to twenty days before being captured. That’s not too shabby. So which side will surprise the other here?

Watch Sentra & Thu Tran’s pre-run interview video below for Hunted and get ready to see them in action this week on CBS’s Wednesday night line up. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates for more Hunted CBS coverage!