It looks like it is Greek Night on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight, as the remaining chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 will be taking on the first ever Greek cuisine challenge, including smashing plates to gather ingredients! OPA! While that will relieve some stress for some of the contestants, it looks like it doesn’t boil over to the dinner service and one of the teams sucks it up again and is kicked out by Chef Gordon Ramsay! Check it out with us tonight during our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Week 7 Recap

Last week on Hells Kitchen Season 14, Chef Ramsay was looking for some leaders to start emerging from the crop of remaining chefs. Meghan took charge for the women and even though she wasn’t the nicest while doing it, she still got it done and the women kicked some major butt during dinner service! The men, on the other hand, had some issues and Brendan was feeling the pressure. He was trying so hard, but he could never get it together this season and the end finally came for him, as Chef Ramsay sent him home!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE – For this challenge, the chefs will be creating Greek dishes and going head-to-head using a different protein for each chef pairing. To get the ingredients to go with that protein, they will be smashing plates in the dining room. The chefs have some fun smashing the dishes and now time to get the dishes prepared!

RESULTS – It was a 41-40 victory for the men and a win for the Blue Team. For winning, the men will be heading out to ride some go-karts. For losing, the women will be cleaning up the broken plates and cleaning the kitchens for dinner service that night!

DINNER SERVICE – Chef Ramsay talks with Milly before the service and tells him to not doubt himself and don’t hold back and bounce back from losing the challenge to Meghan again. The Blue Team starts strong and the apps are heading out of the kitchen quickly thanks to Nick on apps. However, Alison can’t figure out the lobster for the Red team and keeps getting it sent back! Meghan takes charge and starts pushing Alison and others to get things right. Now the men screwed up the mash and it is like soup, but no one is owning up to putting the cream in there!

Now we see Christine screw up at the garnish station and Meghan takes over from her. Milly cuts the wellington wrong, but tries to get it past Chef Ramsay and fails. Meghan has the entrees heading out of the kitchen, but Sarah screws up the meat station and sends up raw wellington and overcooked lamb. Adam has been excited to work the fish station and finally does and, of course, screws it up. Yet again, the meat and garnish station screws up for the Red Team and Chef Ramsay is over it and kicks them all out and tells them to nominate two people. Blue Team finishes their own tickets and the Red Team’s tickets!

RESULTS – Back in front of Chef Ramsay, the Red Team has nominated Sarah and Christine. They both state their cases, as Sarah says the women don’t support her and she would cook better on the Blue Team. Chef Ramsay doesn’t agree, as he doesn’t have faith in Sarah and sends her home!

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