We are back with another episode of Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight, as Chef Gordon Ramsay is sending the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 out to the ocean and picking their own crab to make for the challenge tonight! It is the beginning of a new season, so of course we will see another team on Hells Kitchen 2015 kicked out of the kitchen during dinner service tonight. Find out which team it is during our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Recap tonight and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Recap

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Season 14, it was the Season 14 premiere and time for the new chefs to take center stage! The first challenge of the season, as usual, was having the chefs create their signature dishes in front of a live audience. It was the men with the victory and they got a private dinner with William Shatner. At dinner service, the women started strong, but that did not last long and they fell apart during the entrees at the meat station and Chef Ramsay kicked them out of the kitchen. Despite not working that station, Chrissa seemed in her own world the whole episode and Chef Ramsay was over it and sent her home!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015? Find out in our Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Season 14 Recap or see who who went home on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we see Josh in the dorms flirting with all the women!

CHALLENGE – The chefs are woken up very early and told to pack a bag, as some of them won’t be returning! They head out to the ocean and will be riding rafts and retrieving 20 crabs to cook crab cakes. First team back with all 20 crabs will get an advantage in the second part of the challenge. The men easily get the 20 crabs first. Chef Ramsay gives a demonstration.

The chefs will be working in pairs (and one threesome) and will prepare ten perfect crab cakes. For winning the race, the Blue Team gets a 30-second head start. The Blue Team uses that advantage and gets out to an early lead, but the Red Team comes storming back and have a 9-7 lead as we head to commercial.

RESULTS – T & Michelle killed it on this challenge and they complete the 10-7 victory for the Red Team. For winning, the women are heading to Scottsdale and will be doing some horseback riding! For losing, the men will be heading back to the kitchen and prepping for Seafood Night the next night! The women enjoy their time away and the men have drama while prepping, as Cameron is nuts and thinks he is an amazing chef and Michael seems to be a little lost on risotto.

DINNER SERVICE – The chefs finish prep and it seems it will be Michael on the Blue Team and Mieka for the Red Team that will be the problem tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 as the doors open. First table and Cameron screws up the scallops and is not even flipping them! Mieka is lost on the garnish station, which is key for all dishes tonight! She gets it right, but is slow. Now Cameron screws up the scallops for the second time! Chef Ramsay takes them back and yells at them, but the men have a meeting and come back and Cameron gets the scallops done properly, with the help of Brendan.

Now the Red Team has moved past apps and working on entrees now and Meika has the plates waiting for garnish! Brendan and Cameron screw up the salmon now, so Chef Ramsay sits them done and makes them eat it before coming back! Chef Ramsay asks Michael to make scallops while Brendan and Cameron eat salmon. However, he fires the oil and they come back and kick him out, so no scallops go down and Chef Ramsay is pissed and kicks all three of them out!

Chef Ramsay questions the men on what dishes are needed and no one seems to know, so he kicks all the men out! The women rally to help Mieka with garnish and they complete all their tickets and finish dinner service! Clearly, the Red Team wins tonight and the Blue Team must nominate two chefs for elimination.

RESULTS – The Blue Team discusses and their nominees tonight are Cameron and Michael. They both state their cases and Chef Ramsay decides to send home Cameron! Michael goes back in line and survives the elimination tonight!

What do you thin of the results on Hells Kitchen Season 14 tonight?

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