We are down to the final four chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2015, but only two of them can move on to the Hell’s Kitchen Season 14 finale and be one step closer to being named the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 2015! Chef Gordon Ramsay has one big decision tonight, as he will send two chefs to the finale and two chefs will be heading home! So, who makes the finale of Hells Kitchen Season 14? Find out during our Hell’s Kitchen 2015 Recap tonight and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Week 14 Recap

Last week on Hells Kitchen 2015 Season 14, Chef Ramsay gave Chef James and Chef Andi the night off and the final five chefs served as his sous chef throughout dinner service. This was a test to see how good these contestants could handle the pressure. Everyone did a decent job at the pass, but Nick fell apart at the meat station and he left a mess for T to take care of when he moved to sous chef. That disaster of a dinner service was enough to send Nick home, which left us with Milly, Michelle, Meghan and T as the final four chefs!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…

CHALLENGE – The chefs head out and meet Chef Ramsay at the grocery store. This is a vegetarian challenge and they will get $25 to buy ingredients for their dish, which is the first vegetarian dish challenge on Hells Kitchen. The chefs return to the kitchen and make their dishes and time for Chef Ramsay to taste them all.

RESULTS – The winner of this challenge is Meghan, who had lost nine challenges in a row! For winning, she will be heading to Newport Beach and will go parasailing and dinner. She picks T to go with her, so two rewards in a row for her and no victories. For losing, Michelle and Milly will be cleaning up outside and cleaning that red carpet for the next dinner service.

Chef Ramsay surprises the chefs before dinner service, as he brings in their loved ones and here come my tears! Milly’s son comes out and he is in tears and I am in tears! They get their short visits, but it is time for dinner service and the families need to go!

DINNER SERVICE – For tonight, each of the chefs will have a turn at running the pass and not as a sous chef, but as the chef! Two chefs will be going home tonight, so this is a huge dinner service! Chef Andi is working the station of the person running the pass and will, of course, be testing them during their time.

Milly is up first and he misses the first test, but he catches Chef Andi the second time around. Meghan is up next and said she has been doing this since she was 20 years old and that is why she should be in the Final 2. Milly keeps screwing up the risotto and Chef Ramsay calls him out, but he gets it fixed next time. Her first test is sea bass instead of halibut and she misses it!

Michelle is up next and she fails the first test too. Chef Andi sends up broccoli garnish and not cauliflower. Michelle questions it at first, but approves it and Chef Ramsay tells her she is wrong. Now T is screwing up the beef wellingtons! It takes her some time, but T sends up great wellingtons and the entrees are heading out in Hell’s Kitchen 2015.

The final chef at the pass is T. Chef Andi sends up lamb in the place of beef in the wellingtons and T catches it, which is the only chef to catch the mistake tonight! She does a great job and all the tickets are done for tonight and service is complete! Now they must go back to the dorms and determine two chefs that don’t deserve a spot in the finale!

RESULTS – The chefs are back in front of Chef Ramsay and he asks them each who doesn’t belong in the finale and they all name each other. Chef Ramsay said they all have done great, but the two chefs eliminated tonight are Milly and Michelle. That means Meghan and T are moving on to the finale next week!

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