Hell's Kitchen 2015 Spoilers - Week 11 Recap

CHALLENGE – For this challenge, the chefs come down to a science lab int he kitchen! He extracted food down to liquid and put it in test tubes. He has the chefs taste them and guess the flavor. The real challenge is the Taste It and Make It challenge and they’ll work in pairs this time that they picked out. No one wants Josh, but he has a great palette. They have 30 minutes to make their dish. Pairs are:

  • Nick and Michelle
  • Milly and T
  • Josh and Meghan

RESULTS – Chef Ramsay tastes all of the dishes and time to see who got the ingredients right! Meghan & Josh got the protein wrong, so they are out. For the broth, Milly & T got it wrong and that means Michelle & Nick win and will be heading out for a day on a boat! For losing, the four chefs will be doing some recycling and then volunteer at a local food pantry. It may be a punishment, but it is a reward.

DINNER SERVICE – Chefs are prepping and more drama beforehand, as Josh and Milly get into it this time. Service starts and Michelle sends up the salad wrong! How is that possible? She just used a plate instead of a bowl and fixes it and apps heading out now. Nick sends up cold lobster, so now Meghan has to re-fire risotto. They get it right the second time around.

Tatum O’Neal and her son are at Chef’s Table tonight on Hells Kitchen 2015 and they order comes back. Michelle now sends up cold tuna, so they have to go again. She fixes it and Meghan and Michelle serve them and Tatum does not seem impressed.

Josh than tries to start the place on fire and he is losing it tonight. He is in his own world and talking to himself. T announces she is going to pass with her salmon and Josh said heard, but then she goes and he is not ready and said he did not hear! Despite having to wait on his lamb, it is perfect and the dishes go out. He is a mess tonight though.

The Chef’s Table gets served again and more bitching from Tatum O’Neal, as she thinks he beef is raw and sends it back and wants halibut now. She gets the fish from T and she is finally happy and now all of the tickets have been served! Chef Ramsay said it is the best service of the year, but he still need two nominees!

RESULTS – The two nominees tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2015 are Josh and Michelle. Chef Ramsay said he has had some services this season where he wanted to send three chefs home, but tonight he doesn’t want to send anyone home…but he has to! It is the end of the line for Josh, as he is eliminated and Michelle remains in the competition.

What do you think of the results on Hells Kitchen 2015 tonight?

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