It has been a long time since we have seen a new episode of Hell’s Kitchen 2014, but that is about to change tonight on FOX and we finally get to see what Chef Gordon Ramsay decided to do when the “To Be Continued” popped up on the screen! We were left with three chefs in front of him on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 and it looks like he is switching up the teams again! Check out a Week 7 preview, including the first Hell’s Kitchen Dog Show, below in our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 spoilers!

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Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 6 Preview 6

We have Week 7 on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 tonight and here is the official synopsis from FOX:

After another dramatic elimination and an unsuccessful dinner service, both teams will meet new team members before heading into the next team challenge. In this challenge, each team member must prepare a tasting menu for a Best in Show competition with the American Kennel Club. With the help of guest judges and chefs Douglas Keane of Green Dog Rescue Project and Neal Fraser, owner of Fritzi Dog, the dog dishes are scored to determine which dishes will be featured at the first-ever HELL’S KITCHEN dog show. The team that scores the highest will win a trip to SeaWorld in San Diego and an exclusive dinner with Searsucker Chef and owner Brian Malarkey, while the losing team must stay behind and groom the dogs to prepare the kitchen before the dog show dinner service. Later, once the dog show starts, teams will prepare their dishes for the dog show guests. Find out who will be a top dog and whose journey could come to an end in the all-new ’11 Chefs Compete, Part 1′ episode of HELL’S KITCHEN.”

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Take a sneak peek look at tonight’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen 2014 here:

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Now check out a sneak peek video of Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 tonight:

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