Time for two full hours of Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Season 13 tonight, as the black jackets have been handed out and the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 are ready to fight to be the winner of Hells Kitchen 2014. Heck, we’ll even see Chef Gordon Ramsay get into the kitchen and work a dinner service to see if these chefs can compete with him and his chefs. Check it out with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Season 13 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014!

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Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13, the chefs knew things were getting down to the wire and they all want to win every challenge, but Sade especially. She has lost like eight challenges in a row and wanted to go out for a reward. Well, she finally got that chance and it seemed to help her have a great dinner service. Everyone had a good dinner service, but Chef Ramsay was wanting more from them. One chef that struggled: Sterling. Chef Ramsay loved the guy, but knew he could never be one of his executive chefs and he sent him home before the nominations even came in! Afterwards, he proceeded to hand out the black jackets to the remaining six chefs!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Recap that follows!


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Here we go…the chefs are excited to have their black jackets, but it is an early morning for them and they need to hustle downstairs and they hit the roads to meet Chef Ramsay!

CHALLENGE: It is the first individual challenge and the winner will get on a billboard for Omaha steaks! They will each make a steak dish that tastes good, but looks good too since it will be part of the ad campaign. They have 45 minutes to create the dish. Roe can’t decide between a ribeye and filet, so she is making one of each and will decide before serving. Sade is making a rub and is using cinnamon in it! Santos handles his meat like it’s no one’s business! La Tasha is cooking her ribeye in a pan and not on the grill? The time runs out and time for the tasting! The judges are going to look at all the dishes, but only going to taste the Top 3 most visually appealing.


  • Roe – She did use both steaks and called it a his and her dish. They seemed to love it and the Omaha steak owners want her to come cook at their house!
  • Sade – They were unsure of the cinnamon in the rub, but said it was perfectly cooked.
  • Santos – Good reviews for Santos and it was cooked perfectly.

RESULTS: The judges discuss the three dishes and the winner of this challenge is Roe and she’ll be on that billboard! She will have her photo shoot today and then go on a $1,000 shopping spree at a kitchen supply store and another surprise for her!

Jennifer is so bitter with Roe, but jealous is so evident! For losing, the chefs will be breaking down and portioning the beef and cleaning the kitchen. While they are cleaning, Roe is getting her hair and makeup done and the photo shoot. The are clearing the truck of the huge pieces of beef as Roe heads out to shop! Since Bryant doesn’t feel the need to work on the beef, he tries to do some prep, but Chef Andi called him out! Roe then gets her surprise: she sees the billboard and is loving it!

DINNER SERVICE: They will be cooking Roe’s dish tonight, so she tries to show them and none of the other chefs even pay attention. Bitter, bitter! The chefs will be working together, but they’ll be taking on Chef James, Chef Andi and Chef Ramsay in the other kitchen!

The tickets are coming back and La Tasha screws up the lobster on the first dish, but fixes it and the apps are going out. Of course, Chef Andi and James are having no issues. La Tasha screws up the scallops again and Santos said it is a rookie mistake (which is a joke because everyone struggles with scallops). However, he then gets called out for his freaking caesar salad! Um, that is worse than a rookie mistake, but he blames it on La Tasha and Chef Ramsay being upset over the scallops and taking it out on him! They both recuperate and apps going out again.

Meanwhile, the Dream Team is moving on to entrees! Chef Ramsay is riding Chef James and he is working him hard, but Chef James is holding his own! The Black Jackets get their apps done and they are moving on to the entrees and working well right now on Hell’s Kitchen 2014. La Tasha nails the halibut and the entrees are going out. Meanwhile, Roe is screwing up her steak dish and sending up raw meat. They keep trying and Santos is trying to help Roe with chicken, but she thinks he is in the way! Chef Ramsay is over them all and calls them together and tells them to get it together. They get it together and get their tickets finished.

He said he was not impressed, so he puts Bryant in charge and wants him to nominate two chefs for elimination. Why Bryant??? I hate him!

RESULTS: The chefs are back in front of Chef Ramsay and the nominees are Roe and Santos. They both state their case and Chef Ramsay decides to send home Santos and I love these results, which means Roe is safe!

Now on to the second hour of Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 tonight! Before sending the chefs back, Chef Ramsay talks to Bryant and said he is doing a great job and keep it up and now Bryant’s head is even bigger….ugh. Jennifer is still bitching about Roe not getting eliminated!

CHALLENGE: The chefs head out to meet Chef Ramsay in the morning and it is all about glamping! They will be cooking lunch for the glampers and they will cook one dish for each table in 45 minutes and the dish with the most votes will win. Most of the chefs are chatting with the glampers as they prepare the dishes, but La Tasha is freaking out and under pressure with the time and barely talking! The dishes are done and time to work it with the glampers.

La Tasha is still trying to plate her dishes! Sade is working the crowd. They taste all of the dishes and place their votes and the top two dishes come from Roe and Bryant. With 33% of the votes, Bryant has the best dish! For winning, he gets a night of glamping and brings Sade with him! For losing, the other chefs will be heading to Hollywood Hills and picking up dog poop and then back to the kitchen for recycling day!

DINNER SERVICE: They enjoy their rewards, but now it is time for dinner service. The tickets come back and the fun begins. They start strong on the apps and the dishes are headed out to the dining room. Chef Ramsay tells Jennifer to get help from Roe, since she is standing around for 25 minutes. Roe helps with the lobster and Jennifer is annoyed. Roe sends up bad lobster and Jennifer is pissed.

The salads are taking down the guys, as La Tasha asked Bryant about seasoning it and he said he did. However, Chef Ramsay sends it backed! He fixes it the next time around. They are working and Jennifer is losing it, as she sends up the halibut, but forgets to send the garnish with it! She fixes it quickly though.

La Tasha is a ninja in the kitchen, as she is working all the stations and making sure food is going out and the chefs are working well right now. Roe screws up the garnish and no one can season food tonight. She is falling apart on the garnish station, as she misses more garnish and then sends it up bland garnish! This means Sade’s lamb is a waste because no garnish. She now has to refire, but this time sends up undercooked lamb! She fixes it on the next try.

We then see some miscommunication between Sade and Jennifer and Sade needs eight minutes for her wellington. Chef Ramsay is not happy, but they get the final ticket out. He said they were all amateurs tonight, so nominate two chefs for elimination!

The chefs are back in the dorms and La Tasha mentions voting Bryant and he gets pissed. Are the girls gunning to get all the guys out??? This is not going to be pretty, as they all just blame each other for their mistakes. Just get to the nominations!

RESULTS: The chefs are back in front of Chef Ramsay and the nominees tonight are Jennifer and Roe. This is the sixth time in front of Chef Ramsay for Roe…can she survive again??? They fight to stay, but Chef Ramsay decides to send home Roe, which is a shocker to me! Jennifer survives the cut and we head to the finale next week!

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight?

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