The chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 will have a chance to get some feedback on their work so far on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, but when it is coming from Chef Gordon Ramsay, they might not want to hear it! We get to see Gordon Ramsay sit down with the remaining chefs on Hells Kitchen 2014 and let them know what he thinks about them. It ain’t going to be pretty! Check it out during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 9

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, the chefs were surprised with a lot of clapping and screaming girls, as the sisters of Phi Mu sorority took over the dining room! For the dinner service, the chefs would be cooking for their anniversary party. It was food with some Southern charm, which Kashia was excited about. This was her specialty and she was ready to shine. However, she couldn’t cook fried chicken to save her butt (and either could the Blue Team). However, Chef Ramsay felt Bev lacked the skills needed while manning the garnish station and he sent her home!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…things kick off with the chefs heading back to the dorms after last week’s elimination. Jessica continues her crying and doesn’t understand why the team hates her so much. Joy claims Jessica gave a sob story and being homeless a year ago. She said she was also, but didn’t play that card for Chef Ramsay. Do you believe her? She annoys me and seems so fake!

The next day arrives and it is a new challenge for the chefs. They have four domes in front of them with ingredients underneath them. They will each grab one ingredient from each dome to create a winning dish. Rochelle gets lobster, which she is not happy to kill and cook. Jessica grabs “swordfish” and is happy, but it is actually tuna. Kashia and Sandra both grab potatoes, so one must give them up. Kashia says she got it first, so she gets potatoes. Ralph is not rushing to get his ingredients and gets whatever is left. The next round and now Jessica and Sandra have the same ingredient, which Sandra asks to keep and Jessica said she got it first. The video shows she did, so Sandra is just grabbing things she knows someone else already is using!

Jessica gives in and lets Sandra keep the ingredient, but is not happy about it. The chefs get their final ingredient and the dishes are finished and ready to be judged on Hell’s Kitchen 2014. Chef Ramsay will judge alongside guest judge Chef Michael Cimarusti. He can give one point to one of them or both of them.

NY Strip – He is liking Kashia’s steak and said she could open a restaurant on that dish alone, so Red Team is up 1-0.

Lobster – Rochelle takes down Richard in her first attempt at cooking lobster and the Red Team takes a 2-0 lead.

Sea Bass – Jason takes down Joy, so 2-1 lead for Red Team.

Chicken – Both Melanie and Gabriel get a point and a 3-2 lead now.

Tuna – Jessica cooked the tuna wrong because she thought she had a different fish, so Anton wins and tied 3-3 and down to the final dish.

Duck – Both chefs (Scott and Sandra) created good dishes, but one of them has to be named a winner and Chef Ramsay leaves it to Chef Cimarusti to decide! In the end, he picks Sandra’s dish and the Red Team wins the challenge!

For winning the challenge, the Red Team will head down to the coast and get a meal looking over the ocean. They then get a private volleyball lesson from Kerri Walsh Jennings. For losing, the men will be doing the chores of all 22 servers to make up for all the issues they have given them this season on Hell’s Kitchen 2014!

The women are enjoying their time in Southern California and taking down the men every so often. They enjoy the food and volleyball, but the men are not happy with their chores and in a bad mood. Richard said he is too old for this stuff!

The chores are done and the women are back at the dorms and everyone is sleepy, but Chef Ramsay calls them and asks them all to meet him down in the dining room right now! He said they are at the halfway point of the competition and it is time to do some performance evaluations, but on a one-on-one basis! Everyone is worried and scared, but Jessica is pumped and excited to get the information from Chef Ramsay.

They head to the dorms and wait to get called back. Up first is Sandra! He said she shows, at times, that she doesn’t care and has given up. He wants to know if she cares! Of course, she said no and he hasn’t given up on her and wants her to show that fight. The chefs keep going in and he is giving out some advice to each of them. Jessica keeps answering the phone and getting a little loopy. We all know she will be last, but will he be sending her home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014??? No one gets let go and they all feel good after the evaluations.

Chef Ramsay calls them all down to the dining room. He said during the evaluations the chefs were asked who the weakest chefs were. He will now have the lowest ranking chef on both teams compete in a challenge right now and the loser will go home! The lowest ranking chef on the Blue Team is Richard and for the Red Team is Jessica.

They have 30 minutes to perfect three of the dishes from the menu on Hell’s Kitchen 2014: lobster risotto, scallops and halibut. The teammates can encourage, but will not be able to give any advice. Jessica put pepper in the risotto, which is a no-no. She then asks about putting wine in a dish, but the men cut her off! The men think Richard is overcooking the risotto and Jessica pulls the fish out of the oven and it is a little overdone on one side!

The time runs out and the dishes are all plated and time for Chef Ramsay to judge! Jessica is up first and she nailed the scallops. He said the risotto was too dense and she left the toothpick in the lobster, but the sear was great on the fish. For Richard, the scallops were nailed as well. The rice is overcooked for the risotto and it tastes like cheese. Beautiful crust on the halibut and sauce is delicious, but a little overpowering.

They both had positive and negative things about their dishes, but based on those three dishes Chef Ramsay sends home….To Be Continued!!! Really FOX????

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