The time has come for another episode of Hell’s Kitchen 2014 and it looks like Chef Gordon Ramsay is turning things over to the Phi Mu sorority tonight on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12. It is Sorority Night and the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 (well, the men and maybe some of the women) will be a little distracted! Can they keep it together long enough to make it through dinner service? Find out who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight below in our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 8

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, the chefs were put to the test of making pizzas! You would think that Pizza Night would be an easy test for these chefs, but both sides of the kitchen struggled. Bev and Kashia could not get it together in the Red Kitchen and Chris and Scott could not get it together for the Blue Kitchen. It got so bad for the Blue Team that they ran out of dough and still had pizzas to serve! Needless to say, the Blue Team lost and Chef Ramsay shockingly sent home Chris! I thought he was going to make it far thisseason.

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…the chefs head back to the dorms from the last elimination and Ralph is pissed he was called out by Chef Ramsay. That is it, as we have the next day here and the chefs head down to meet Chef Ramsay. He says he has not seen any teamwork amongst them. He brings out the Phi Mu sisters, who understand the meaning of teamwork, and they are clapping and happy and a lot to take in the morning! The sorority has been together for 160 years and they will be celebrating the anniversary right in Hell’s Kitchen 2014. They are from Georgia, so they want some good Southern food for the party.

For the challenge, they will create three Southern dishes (chicken, seafood and beef). The party planning dishes will decide the winners and the winning dishes will be added to the menu tomorrow night. Kashia is happy to get cooking some Southern food, her specialty, and she takes a leadership role for this challenge. The men can’t even figure out what dishes to make and wasting time. Gabriel takes over and starts planning the dishes and they waste ten of the 40 minutes just figuring out what to cook!

Kashia went through and gave her seal of approval on all the dishes. The men are not trusting Gabriel and his thoughts, but the time runs out and here we go! Time to judge:

Chicken – Jason vs. Kashia. They seemed to love both dishes, but they liked Jason’s dish more and a 1-0 lead for Blue Team.

Seafood – Jessica vs. Gabriel. More positive reviews for both of them, but they pick Jessica’s dish and it is tied 1-1.

Beef – Joy vs. Ralph. They are both delicious, but they pick Joy’s dish and the Red Team wins the challenge 2-1!

For winning the challenge, the women will be heading to Las Vegas and staying at Cesar’s Palace, a $500 shopping spree and a dinner cooked by one of Chef Ramsay’s mentors! While the women, are having fun, the men will be transforming the dining room for the anniversary party the next day. The sorority girls come in to help the men and Ralph is pissed and rude to them. They have them doing all this crazy stuff and move the tables 100 times. Jason is putting glitter on their letters!

The women are enjoying their time in Vegas and shopping for diamonds and then walk in to see Christina Wilson, the winner of Season 10! I loved her and now they get to celebrate and get some tips from a winner of this show. The ladies now head to the night portion and get dinner served by Guy Savoy and it all looks amazing!

The next morning arrives and the men are prepping both kitchens for the anniversary party. The women finally get back and things are getting ready for the service. Chef Ramsay tells them to make it an anniversary for them all to remember and the doors to Hell’s Kitchen 2014 have been opened!

The tickets start coming back and it is on, even though the men want to sit and watch all the ladies. The Blue Team starts strong and apps are going out and are on the third table, but Vegas may have slowed down the women and Bev is screwing up on the crab cakes. They are slow, but are getting apps out to the dining room. Kashia is cooking the chicken and having problems and it is raw. Jessica is sitting by and watching, even though it is her station and Kasiah finally tries to send some up and it is raw!

Jason tries to send up his chicken and it is raw chicken tonight, as his is raw also. The apps were going well, but now the chicken has stalled both sides. Kashia and Jessica try the chicken again, but they are raw again and Kashia is losing her control. She is yelling at Jessica for not helping. She finally remembers what Christina told them and not to lose their confidence, so she barrels through it and finally gets good chicken out and dishes are going out on the Red Kitchen!

The Blue Team is not communicating well and Scott is not letting the other guys know what it going on. They all get on the same page and get their dishes out of the kitchen. Bev is struggling on the garnish station and now not making the mac and cheese! Chef Ramsay is over her and she sends up cold mac and cheese. Rochelle tries to help, but Chef Ramsay calls her out on it. Now Jason sends up more raw chicken and he is over it all!

He finally gets it together and the dishes are going out. Both sides get in a groove and complete the dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12. Both teams were bad, but Chef Ramsay said the Blue Team was better. That means the Red Team has to nominate two chefs for elimination. They head back to the dorms to discuss. Kashia screws up the chicken station, but puts the blame on Jessica for not helping out. Bev doesn’t think it should be her because of the raw chicken and tears are shed by Jessica!

The women are back in front of Chef Ramsay and the two nominees tonight for elimination are Bev and Jessica! Is Chef Ramsay going to let Kashia skate through on this one??? He calls Bev and Jessica down and asks why they should stay here. It seemed obvious, but Chef Ramsay sends home Bev!

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight?

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