Anyone in the mood for some pizza on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight? Well, you better be because the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 will competing in a challenge to create some unique pizzas for guest judge Chef Wolfgang Puck! Not that the challenges aren’t enough pressure, but add in Wolfgang as a judge and it is going to be even more nerve wracking! Watch it with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, the chefs had some special guests for dinner service, as VIP guests Elizabeth Perkins and Holly Marie Combs sat at the Chef’s Table for the night. They got quite a show from Chef Gordon Ramsay and the contestants, as service did not start out so smooth for either team, but they both pulled it out in the end and for the first time this season they both finished their dinner service! The Red Team, of course, was on the losing end of things and had to send someone home. Beth has been a hot mess the past couples weeks and letting the other ladies get into her head. Enough was enough for her and she was eliminated!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…the chefs head back to the dorms after last week’s elimination and Sandra is not happy with her team all wanting her to go home and they are not happy she is still there. She said she is not rolling over and it is not that easy to get her out!

The next day arrives and the chefs head down to meet Chef Ramsay for today’s challenge. They meet an eight-year-old, who happens to be a master pizza tosser and shows off his tricks. Chef Ramsay does not want them toss pizzas like that, but they will create outstanding gourmet pizzas working in pairs. Since they each have seven chefs, Rochelle and Ralph will be working alone! They have 30 minutes to cook their pizzas.

Richard and Anton seem to be working well together on the Blue Team. Sandra is working with Melanie and she is over it, but Sandra is just sitting back and listening and letting her call the shots since her team thinks she is too bossy. Ralph has no idea how to make a gourmet pizza and doing it on his own. The Red Team is having oven issues and everyone getting their pizza cooked! While Joy is waiting to get it in the oven, she drops it off the pan and it falls on the floor!!! Now they have to regroup and make a mini pizza to get something on a plate. Anton is helping all the teams finish up their pizzas for the Blue Team as time runs out!

The teams will only serve three of the four pizzas. The women will not serve Kashia and Bev’s pizza, even though Joy and Jessica’s pizza is like a slice! They all make their decision and it is time to be judged and Chef Ramsay has a special guest judge tonight, but who??? The special guest judge tonight is Wolfgang Puck!!! They will be judged from 1 to 5 and team with the most points wins the challenge.

Red Team (Rochelle): Wolfgang does not like the shape. Chef Ramsay said the dough is a little too think, but sauce is delicious. Wolfgang said it is raw. Wolfgang – 2 points and Chef Ramsay – 3, so 5 total.

Blue Team (Ralph): Wolfgang does not like the shape again. Chef Ramsay said he cut off the best part. Wolfgang – 1 point and Chef Ramsay – 3 points, so a 5-3 lead for the Red Team.

Red Team (Joy and Jessica): They try calling it a skinny girl pizza, but they didn’t buy it and both give them a 2 and 9 points total.

Blue Team (Scott and Gabriel): They had lobster on the pizza, but Chef Ramsay said it sounds better than it tastes. Wolfgang – 3 points and Chef Ramsay – 2 points, so a 9-8 lead for the women on Hell’s Kitchen 2014.

Red Team (Melanie and Sandra): They like the flavor, but said they have to cook the bottom too and can’t send it out with raw dough. Wolfgang – 1 point and Chef Ramsay – 2 two points, so a 12-8 lead now.

Blue Team (Anton and Richard): Wolfgang said he never saw that many ingredients on one pizza. Wolfgang gives it 3 points and Chef Ramsay gives it 4 points, so they win 15-12 and stop the winning streak of the Red Team.

Chef Ramsay asks to see Kashia and Bev’s pizza and they loved it, as Melanie squirms in the back! They would have given that 7 points and Chef Ramsay said it was their best pizza!

For winning the challenge, the men are heading to Sunset Strip and will get some surprises once they get there. Anton gets emotional afterwards knowing that his family survived off their food, so he felt he made his family proud tonight. For losing, the women have to prep for Italian Night and make the ravioli and so on.

The men are at the hotel and enjoying the time, but then a yoga instructor comes in and they are not happy to do it, but then they get to watch the instructor and they are fine with it now! Meanwhile, the women are prepping and take a smoke break and Kashia is fed up with Melanie and calls her out for not picking her pizza. Melanie said she needs to be loud enough if she thinks her dish is good enough, but no one was making a decision.

The teams are back and it is prep time for Italian Family Night in Hell’s Kitchen 2014! The doors are opened and patrons are arriving and an all-new Italian menu is in place and the tickets are coming back. Chris is on the pizza station and he did not do good on the challenge, so he is looking to redeem himself. He doesn’t start well and redemption doesn’t look good right now.

Kashia is working the pizzas, but Rochelle screws up the scallops and is frazzled. Joy shows her how to do it and they bounce back quickly. Chris is still struggling with pizzas, but then a bottle of oil gets left on the stove and Anton tries to move it, but too late and it spills and starts a fire! Chef Ramsay jumps in and smothers it and the flamers are out…for now.

The Red Team now sends up raw dough for the pizza and Sandra is rolling it, but blaming the others for not flattening it out properly when cooking. Chris continues to burn pizzas and Scott tries to help, but it is still burning, including the one he sends up to Chef Ramsay. He calls Gabriel, Chris and Scott in the back!!! He yells at them, but they head back and try their hand again at the pizzas. The Red Team is struggling with pizzas and Bev keeps burning them, but it is a dough issue. They all yell at them to switch it up, so Kashia goes in and starts working the oven. Bev cuts the pizza poorly and Chef Ramsay is not impressed.

The pizzas still are not going out and Ralph screws up the meat station and gets called out. This is not a good night on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12. Kashia is running all over the place and Joy is helping out on the dough and they finally get some pizzas out of the kitchen. Ralph passes the test with the meat the second time, but the pizza station is still struggling. They have put so many pizzas in the trash that they run out of dough!!! Chef Ramsay makes them go out to the dining room and apologize and they accept it and order something else!

In the Red Team Kitchen, they get a ticket and it happens to be for Chef Ramsay’s table, so no pressure there, huh? Well, they nail it and are excited to get through it. Both teams get the final tickets sent out, but then Chef Ramsay has them put all the bad pizzas on the table to show how bad they did! It is terrible, but Chef Ramsay said the Blue Team did worse and will have to go nominate two people for elimination!

The men go back and discuss and of course it gets ugly. Chris doesn’t think it should be both pizza station guys to go up and wants Ralph to go up, but he feels he did nothing wrong and forgets about the meat getting sent back! They are in front of Chef Ramsay and their nominees tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 are Chris and Scott, which is a smart choice.

They both state their cases on why they should stay and this is a tough one, as they have both been great this season. Chef Ramsay wants to also hear from Ralph, so he calls him down. He states his case and Chef Ramsay kind of calls him out, but he sends home Chris!!! I am shocked by this one, but the other two are safe tonight.

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight?

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