The Blue Team on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 are looking to snap the winning streak the women have going, which I think will happen tonight on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12. There are too many cooks in the kitchen for the Red Team and that can only lead to fighting and not getting along. They need to cut some of the fat on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 and tonight may be the night it happens, with the VIP guests in attendance! Check it out with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

Hell's KItchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 6 Preview 6

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, the chefs were surprised with a wedding going on in the dining room! This turned into an elimination challenge for the chefs, as they had to cook up a wedding brunch for the bride and groom and their guests. The Red Team cooked for the bride’s side and the Blue Team cooked for the groom’s side. First team to serve all the guests would win and the losing team would lose one of their chefs. Blue Team lost and Chef Ramsay sent home Michael DeMarco.

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…the chefs head back to the dorms and the men know that DeMarco is gone and they have no one to hide behind now. They screw up and they are gone! Anton is pissed that they keep losing and the other guys are laughing and having fun. The women are trying to figure out where Beth is in this game. We see her breakdown and say she can’t screw up right now. She has no Plan B and this has to work. I feel bad for her now and she needs to let it go and focus on this task.

The next day and the chefs are in front of Chef Ramsay and he said both teams are lacking leadership, so he sends them all back to the dorms and pick on chef to be the leader for the night! This is going to get ugly. It seems like it is between Jason and Anton for the Blue Team, but then Gabriel throws his hat in the ring. The women are getting along no better on the Red Team!

The chefs head back in front of Chef Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 and the Red Team have picked Melanie and the Blue Team have picked Anton, which I think both of them are very good choices. Anton tells Chef Ramsay that is going to be a floater for the team and fill-in where it is needed.

They are prepping for dinner right now and Chef Ramsay wants to see what they can do as leaders. The Red Team is chatting and ripping on the Blue Team and Anton, which he hears. He now wants to take down Melanie and the Red Team big time. Gabriel needs guidance and Beth is not all there and Joy calls her out on it and said they can do the dinner service without her, which Beth hears and is over it! She goes in the hallway and is swearing and yelling and Sandra comes to tell her to calm down and said she is making a scene.

As dinner service is getting ready, Chef Ramsay said they will have chef’s tables tonight and the Red Team will serve Elizabeth Perkins of Weeds and the Blue Team will serve Holly Marie Combs of Charmed and Pretty Little Liars!

They are all excited and the doors are opened. The tickets are coming back and Melanie is trying to get things in order, but Joy doesn’t seem to care. Can she go home already??? Anton is trying to get things in order for the men and watching over Gabriel and Ralph. They are annoyed, but the first apps are approved and they have dishes heading out of the kitchen.

On the Red Team, Joy sends up perfect risotto and Beth is stuck with lobster in her hand! She is putting things behind and Melanie seems to be in her own world and giving no orders! The VIP guests have arrived and the pressure has risen. Joy and Sandra go at it again and they just can’t communicate with each other, but the apps are now heading out of the Red kitchen. Chris sends up overcooked scallops for the Chef’s Table and they have to do the dishes again.

Back on the Red Team and Beth screws up the lobster again and this time for the Chef’s Table, as it is overcooked and rubbery. Melanie is struggling getting control of the kitchen and the ladies are noticing it. Anton is getting too hands-on for the other chefs and they are all getting annoyed. He gets the new scallops from Chris and just bypasses Chef Ramsay looking them over and hand delivers them himself to the Chef’s Table!!! Of course, they are undercooked now and they get sent back and Chef Ramsay is about to ream them all a new one! Amazingly he yells at everyone for not being awake, but says nothing to Anton for taking it out without his approval?

Beth is failing big time on the lobster, so Melanie takes over and does it for her and sends up a perfectly cooked lobster. Beth then asks about the lobster and didn’t realize it was sent out! Chef Ramsay said she is gone and out of it! Sandra then misses a dish and the apps have stopped going out again for the ladies. Chris finally gets the scallops cooked correctly and the Chef’s Table is now enjoying their apps and both kitchens have moved on to entrees.

Kashia screws up with the beef wellington and now has to way ten minutes, which Chef Ramsay is not happy about and she said she is “flusterated.” Scott is confused on the Blue Team and telling time. No one knows what Chef Ramsay is even saying tonight or what he is asking. Kashia gets the wellington done correctly, but Melanie sends up raw fish and he is pissed! She fixes it and gets the Chef’s Table served with their entrees. The men nail the entrees for the Chef’s Table and now they are both focused on finishing the dinner service.

For the first time on Hell’s Kitchen 2014, both teams successfully finish their dinner service and now stand in front of Chef Ramsay. He said the Blue Team is the winning team tonight and the Red Team must nominate two chefs for elimination, which will most likely be Melanie and Beth, right? They fight over putting up Beth, Melanie and Sandra.

Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Red Team gives their nominations, which are Beth and Sandra!!! Chef Ramsay asked where Beth was tonight and asked if she even wants to be here. She promises next service he will hear her voice. Chef Ramsay wants to know why the team doesn’t like Sandra and she doesn’t know why. The team all speaks up and they all want Sandra gone, but he sends her back in line and Beth is eliminated tonight!

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight?

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