It will be interesting to see how this plays out tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014, as we will actually see some love in Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 and not the normal hate and drama coming from the chef’s mouths! No, the chefs will still be angry and bitter, but they will be cooking for a wedding party, so maybe their happiness will rub off on Chef Gordon Ramsay??? Find out during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, Chef Ramsay showed the chefs (in pennies) how much money they have wasted in the two dinner services they were not able to complete! It was over 200,000 pennies and the men had to roll all of them after losing the challenge! To make things easier on the teams, he initiated a steak night in Hell’s Kitchen and the Red Team shined. The men on the Blue Team could not figure out how they made it through the whole dinner service so fast! Probably because the men had Mike Aresta on their team. Chef Ramsay noticed his excuses and lack of helping out and sent him home!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…the Blue Team is back in the dorm and happy Mike is gone and think they are ready to fight now and the Red Team should be scared. The women are feeling confident and want to keep getting in the men’s heads.

The next day arrives and the chefs head down to meet Chef Ramsay. For the challenge, they will be working in pairs and working with a protein. Out in the dining room, there are domes with ingredients under them. They have to get a batch in order to use that ingredient, so it is a memory game. Each team has five minutes to make matches and one pair goes at a time. The Red Team get all the pairs they needed and figure out what pairs to go with what protein and they are all yelling, which helps solve the problem.

Now it is time for the Blue Team to get their pairs. They start out slow, but then find like five different types of potatoes! What are they going to do with them all? Now they have 30 minutes to create a unique, flavorful dish with the protein and ingredients they matched. Rochelle is making polenta, which she has never made before, but hoping for beginner’s luck. Chris is working with DeMarco and letting him do nothing. The time runs out and time for Chef Ramsay to taste the dishes.

Chicken – Rochelle nailed the polenta. He loved the flavor of the Blue Team and both teams get a point, so tied 1-1.

Pork – Blue Team wins, so 2-1 lead for them.

Tuna – Red Team wins, so tied 2-2.

Swordfish – He said they are both stunning dishes, but one has a mistake. That mistake is from the men, so the women win their third challenge in a row!

For losing, the men will be making 100 pounds of honey taffy and getting the honey from the bees! The women are heading to Laguna Beach for a day of fun! The men start working on the honey after getting into their hideous bee suits. They are not working with alive bees, but they can still sting when dead! The women go out on their little kayaks, but Kashia is afraid of the water and can’t swim, so she goes out a little bit and has to come back in! At least she gets the beach to herself!

The men have a bonding moment, as they talk about why they are there and why they want to win this. DeMarco shares some intimate details and it makes the other guys respect him more and say he needs to cook with that passion!

The next morning arrives and the chefs are waking up, but Chef Ramsay surprises them with a phone call and said to meet him in Hell’s Kitchen 2014 now! They head down, but he says to be quiet because something special is going on in the dining room right now! It just happens to be a wedding! But how many think this is a legitimate wedding or just actors?

Elimination Challenge: the teams will prepare an elegant wedding brunch. The men will serve the groom’s side and the women will serve the bride’s side. The team that serves their side of the dining room first will win and the losing team will see one of their chefs eliminated tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014!

The fruit bowls go out very easily, but then the meals come back for the bridal party and Beth is screwing up and burns one side of the bread and bursts and egg! Ralph is screwing up in the Blue Kitchen and the bride and groom are not getting their food. Meanwhile, Beth keeps screwing up the eggs and everyone is in her case and she is getting flustered. Joy needs to work her station and shut it! Beth sends up raw eggs and, of course, they get sent back!

We are now 45 minutes into brunch and no entrees for the bride and groom yet. Both teams are struggling with the eggs, which is just funny to me to even type that! The women finally get it together and their side of the bridal party is served. The men get it together too and the head table has now been served. The other tables are getting served and the final ticket, but Gabriel is cooking scrambled eggs one at a time! The Red Team gets their last ticket and it comes down to Beth making a fried egg! Who can get it done first and win this challenge? Not enough eggs for the men and they have to redo it, but the women are good and their last dishes go out and they win!

For losing, the men will have to put up two nominees for elimination on Hell’s Kitchen 2014. DeMarco said he tried to not send up raw eggs, but he was told to send them anyway. Now he is not happy, as the other chefs want to nominate him and he is sick of it. Remember that bonding moment, fellas?

Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Blue Team has nominated DeMarco and Gabriel. They step in front of Chef Ramsay, but he also wants to hear from Richard, so calls him down too! Chef Ramsay said that Gabriel and Richard lost the challenge for them today, hands down! Despite that, he sends DeMarco home! He said he gave hime one more chance and he is not going to see him up there one more time, so he is eliminated and the other two are safe.

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight?

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