We have another night of Chef Gordon Ramsay trying to see if the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 can actually make it through a dinner service or if he should just kick them all out and start fresh on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12! This season has been a joke so far, but maybe the chefs will finally figure out during Week 4? Find out during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 4 Preview

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, we saw Simone lose it and go a little crazy throughout the whole episode. She has a few screws loose and it showed during the dinner service. Clearly she had given up before the dinner service even started, as she used an excuse of being sick during prep time. She made it back for the dinner service, but then was acting like she had never even been in a kitchen before! In the end, she was nominated by her team for elimination and before Chef Gordon Ramsay could announce who he was sending home, she stepped up and said send her home! He listened and she was eliminated from the competition!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…the Blue Team is pissed that Chef Ramsay sent Simone home and kept Mike. They all think he has to go, but he doesn’t seem to care!

It is a new morning and the chefs head out to meet Chef Ramsay. He said the chefs are wasting so much money with their bad dinner services and he shows them exactly how much when a huge pile of pennies drop from the ceiling!

For the challenge, they will all be creating lobster ravioli. He demonstrates how to make the dish. The first team to give him ten perfect lobster ravioli dishes will win the challenge on Hell’s Kitchen 2014! They will be working in pairs for this challenge. The Blue Team is working fast, but the Red Team is struggling with rolling out the pasta.

The Blue Team is moving fast and take a 3-0 lead and no attempts by the Red Team yet! Mike is just standing around and doing nothing. Why is he even there? We have an attempt for the Red Team and no good and the Blue Team take a 6-0. The women finally get it together and come back and down just 6-5 now! DeMarco, Gabriel and Mike are working in a trio and have yet to finish a dish! No big shocker, but we have it tied at 9-9 and down to who can finish the dish first! We finally see the trio bring up their first plate, but will it meet his standards??? The pasta is way too thick, so they have to do it again! The women bring up their dish and win it!

For winning the challenge, the Red Team are taking over a Beverly Hills mansion! They have butlers and limos! For the loss, the Blue Team will be crawling on all fours to pick up the 200,000 pennies! They will also clean and prep the kitchens for dinner service tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014! The women are enjoying their time at the mansion, but the tensions are rising on the Blue Team and arguing happens between Mike and DeMarco.

Everyone is back on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 and time to get things ready for dinner service, but can they actually finish it tonight? Chef Ramsay is going back to basics and turning it into steak night, so he is hoping they can do this. However, these people can’t get through apps most of the time, so who cares about steaks!

Dinner service begins and the tickets are coming back! The first ticket comes back for the Blue Team and Ralph is screaming for crab cakes and he needs them, but they weren’t even on the ticket! Over on the Red Team, Bev doesn’t put salt in the water for the pasta! On the Blue Team, Mike is trying to help Ralph, but he won’t let him, so he just stands around and Chef Ramsay calls him out!

Joy takes over the apps and she nails it and the apps are going out to the dining room! Meanwhile, Gabriel is out in the dining room entertaining the guests while he waits for food to come out. It doesn’t seem to be working, as they keep sending up terrible dishes and Chef Ramsay is getting pissed! He sends Richard and Ralph into the dining room to eat the cold crab cakes! Anton takes over the apps and he gets it done right and apps are going out of the Blue Kitchen!

Red Team moves to entrees and Melanie nails the steaks and they have entrees going out! This is new territory for them! Chris thinks he sends up perfect steaks, but Chef Ramsay cuts into them and they are raw! Meanwhile, the Red Team is nailing all the dishes and seems to be headed to the finish line for this dinner service. The men sit and wonder how the women are moving so fast!

The Red Team finishes up their dinner service, so Chef Ramsay sends the women over to the Blue Kitchen to help out. Yeah, that is not going to go over very well. The men don’t want them there and Sharon cuts the chicken to see how it is cooking and this sets Jason off and he gets right in her face! It will lose the juices and he knows what he is doing, but why aren’t they done with dinner service then??? Chef Ramsay calls him out and he seems to be playing nice guy!

The Red Team is killing it in the Blue Kitchen as well and all the entrees are served and dinner service is complete! Clearly, the Red Team is the winner tonight and now the Blue Team will head to the dorm and nominate two chefs for elimination on Hell’s Kitchen 2014! The men discuss and it is clear they want Mike up there, but the second one is unclear.

Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the nominees tonight are Mike and DeMarco! The men have no respect for Mike and he asks Chef Ramsay to take him off the men’s team and put him on the women’s team because they will appreciate him more, as they all sit in the gallery shaking their heads no! I guess his plea did not work, as Chef Ramsay sends home Mike and DeMarco is safe tonight!

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