Things got off to a rocky start on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 last week, as Chef Gordon Ramsay welcomed the 20 new chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 into the competition and it did not end well. How about a dinner service that had all 20 chefs kicked out of the kitchen? How about one of the chefs using his fingers to taste the food? Chef Ramsay was not happy, but he is hoping for better results tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014. Watch with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 2

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen 2014, it was a chance for us to meet the 20 new chefs competing this season. After a fun challenge of seeing the chefs create their signature dishes, the Red Team took home the victory and enjoyed a dinner with Chef Ramsay and the Blue Team cleaned up the kitchen and dining room! At dinner service, it was a big fail for them all and Chef Ramsay kicked all of them out of the kitchen! In the end, he sent home Guarav because he used his fingers to taste his risotto and Chef Ramsay could never look past that!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…we have the chefs back and Sandra is still fired up from being put up for elimination. Now we get to see Beth and Richard doing some flirting and her going to cook something up for him!

They get some sleep, but have a wakeup call int he morning with motorcycles going through the dorm! They head down to meet Chef Ramsay, who said they will be working on teamwork today.

The chefs get their helmets and out comes the tricycles! They will work in pairs riding tricycles together to cooking stations. They will have to complete five basic cooking functions: peel and devein 12 shrimp, break down two chickens, shuck 12 oysters, filet four trout and prepare two perfect egg white omelets. The first team to complete all the tasks wins tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014!

The men come up with their plan of attack right away, but the women have a lack of communication and can’t decide who is doing what. Nicole can’t seem to do anything, but they finally pick everything and the race starts. Richard is too funny on that damn tricycle. The Blue Team get done first on the shrimp and have a lead.

Chris and Anton are working on the chicken and Chris slices his finger! This puts the pressure on Anton and allows the Red Team to catch up and they both take the chicken up to Chef Ramsay. Blue Team not done properly, so they go back and Red Team takes the lead. It takes a second time, but the Blue Team gets it done right.

The Blue Team takes the lead back with the oysters and the Red Team is right behind them. It is pretty even with the trout, so it all comes down to the omelet! We have Joy and Rochelle for the Red Team and Ralph and Gabriel for the Blue Team. The Blue Team gets it done first and they win the challenge on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

For winning, they will be heading to San Francisco and the Red Team will be heading to the farm to pick carrots! They will return to the kitchen to clean and prep them and make stock for the next dinner service! The men enjoy their time and the women enjoy picking carrots.

The next day arrives and the women are in the kitchen making stock and Nicole and Kashia get into for no real reason!

The men are back and time for dinner service to start on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12. Chef Ramsay talks to them and said the last service was a train wreck and tonight it is all about communication as the service starts! The Red Team get the first ticket and Simone sends up bad risotto and a bad start for them. Jason is on apps for Blue Team and hoping to get things rolling, but bad risotto for him too!

Simone tries again with the risotto and it is bland and has nothing in it, so Nicole tries to take over, but she doesn’t put enough lobster in it and it gets sent back again! However, Jason passes the second test for risotto and we have some plates going out for Blue Team! DeMarco sucks it up on the tuna and Chef Ramsay is not happy. Rochelle is trying to help the Red Team out, but Beth is not having it and tell her to her screw up on her own and that is what she does, as she sends up raw lobster!

Over on the Blue Team on Hell’s Kitchen 2014, DeMarco tries the tuna again and is successful! Kashia gets wellington done right, but Beth screws up the fish again! Scott is trying to get entrees out for Blue Team, but Gabriel is not ready with chicken and Scott sends up his halibut anyway. Both of them are a big fail!

On the Red Team, Nicole tries the risotto again and it sucks again and her and Simone are kicked out! Joy and Rochelle are put on apps now. Gabriel and Scott try their entrees again for Chef Ramsay! Gabriel can’t get the chicken right again and it is raw, so he kicks everyone out! Beth and Bev screw up the fish again and they are all kicked out, so no dinner service completed again on Hell’s Kitchen 2014!

Now the teams have to nominate their two weakest chefs. The men are fighting it out between Gabriel, Scott and DeMarco. For the Red Team, Beth is blaming Rochelle for screwing her up and getting in her way at her station. Then we see more fighting between Kashia and Nicole!

The chefs are back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Blue Team nominate DeMarco and Gabriel and the Red Team nominate Beth and Simone. They all step in front of Chef Ramsay and say why they should stay. In the end, she may have survived being eliminated, but Chef Ramsay surprises everyone and sends home Nicole!!! The four chefs nominated are all safe!!!

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