It looks like Gordon Ramsay has had enough of these chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 and he has given up on them learning new things, so he is turning the menu over to them tonight on Hells Kitchen Season 10 and seeing if they can survive this dinner service. The chefs will create the menu and the dishes, so they should be able to cook them too, right? You never know, but find out during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, the chefs were asked to cater a special dinner for UNICEF. The kitchen would be closed to the public and the teams would crete a five-course meal for these people that donated the most money to UNICEF. Each chef was responsible for their own course, but their teammates would help out on each course. Yet again, the chefs did not impress Chef Ramsay and they both had to nominate two chefs. The Red Team argued it out, as Kashia felt like she was let down by her teammates during her course. Sandra has been slacking the past few weeks and Gordon Ramsay thought she lost her passion, so he sent her home last week!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…

DORMS: Kashia thought she was going home and relived to still be here and Scott gives her a big hug. The Red Team works it out and said they need to leave it all in the past and they seem to be lovey-dovey right now. Speaking of which, we see the flirting start between Melanie and Anton!

CHALLENGE: They get greeted by the worst rappers ever in the dorms. They get their own menus for each team and they must fill in the dishes that go on them! The Red Team is working and Anton is throwing out ideas, which everyone else seems to like but Melanie! She is going against everything he is saying. The Blue Team is working well together, but Red Team continues their struggles. Melanie is dominating the selections and Anton said it is too much like what Chef Ramsay does now and he will throw her under the bus if needed. Rochelle is not participating with the Blue Team and she is struggling coming up with an idea. The Red Team starts taking each other’s ideas and going well, but Joy suggests fried chicken and they are cautious, as fried chicken was terrible for everyone earlier in the season! She is adamant about it and it goes on the menu!

The menus are now done, so they head down to the kitchen to prepare their dishes for Chef Ramsay’s approval on Hell’s Kitchen 2014. Chef Ramsay comes down and has some suggestions on their dishes, but they get his approval and Joy is confident she will handle the chicken well. For the Blue Team, he has some suggestions and not happy that Rochelle served a burnt crab cake but they get approval.

The teams are getting the kitchens ready and Rochelle is losing it and stressed and emotional. She breaks down and walks out of the kitchen! She heads up to the dorms, but then the other chefs get a break for lunch and Kashia heads up to talk to her. Rochelle is trying to get it together because she really wants this.

DINNER SERVICE: Hell’s Kitchen 2014 doors are opened. The diners get to choose which team’s menu they will be ordering from. The tickets start coming back and the Blue Team is getting more and more tickets. Rochelle is getting slammed with risotto dishes, but she handles the pressure well and the dishes are going out! The Red Team finally gets an order and Anton nails the risotto, but he sends up too much and Chef Ramsay said it is a mess.

Richard sends up a raw crab cake and must start over. The Red Team picks up steam with Anton’s scallop dish and Melanie claims to be making them how Anton wants them made and Chef Ramsay is not impressed. Gabriel sends up raw steak and not handling the pressure well. Melanie sends up more scallops and they head out, but Chef Craig Strong gets his and they are undercooked and he sends them back. Now Melanie tries to put more down, but they are out of scallops! Anton considers throwing Melanie under the bus like she did, but he wants the team to win and asks Blue Team for some and then goes looking, but Rochelle finds some and gives them to Red Team and the scallops are heading out of the Red Kitchen now! Gabriel fixes the NY Strip Sreak and it is perfect the second time around.

We see Gabriel screw up again and Jason thinks it is just him and Rochelle working on the Blue Team. Kashia redeems herself on the meat station after a bad week last week. Richard is struggling on the garnish station and Chef Ramsay has Rochelle help him out and he is not happy and claims he does not need the help. Joy gets her first order of fried chicken and her whole team is worried! No need to worry, as Chef Ramsay said it was beautifully cooked and it heads out of the kitchen! Rochelle has the garnish station going strong for the Blue Team and both teams complete their dinner service!

Chef Ramsay said that tonight was not a bad service, but he gives the victory to the Red Team. He said the Blue Team started strong and then just fell back as time went on. Now they must nominate two chefs for elimination and Melanie, Joy and Kashia must pick one of them to move to the Blue Team!

DORMS: None of the girls want to go to the Blue Team and the Blue Team seems set on Richard and Gabriel going up because of their poor performance tonight. Rochelle has a headache, so she goes and lays down! Why does she do this??? She did it on the Red Team and got screwed and she will again tonight, as Gabriel works his shady self and convinces Richard and Jason that Rochelle should go up because of her performance during the day and freaking out!

RESULTS: Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Blue Team has nominated Richard and Gabriel! They stuck with their plan and finally Gabriel is up there, like the team wants! Chef Ramsay said they both should be out of there based on their performances tonight. For some reason, he keeps Gabriel for another week and Richard is sent home!

Now to the girls and Chef Ramsay asks who is volunteering and it is Melanie switching teams, as she joins the Blue Team!

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight?

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