We have chefs on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight joining new teams and seeing how that plan works out for Gordon Ramsay during the dinner service tonight on Hells Kitchen Season 12! He was not happy with either team last week and a switch-up was needed, but will the new teams do any better? I am thinking probably not, but they will be cooking for Angie Harmon and UNICEF tonight, so they better bring their A-game! Watch it with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 12

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, the chefs have survived 11 weeks in the kitchen and after 11 weeks they still don’t know how to cook! How can these chefs send up raw food or overcooked food. I have seen no promising chefs in the mix and I say just send them all home! Chef Ramsay declared no winner and had both teams nominate two chefs for elimination. Red Team put up Sandra and Rochelle and the Blue Team put up Scott and Anton. Chef Ramsay mixed things up and sent no one home, but he did have the guys join the Red Team and the ladies join the Blue Team!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…

DORMS: Joy is not happy to have Anton on her team and is not going to be taking any of his crap. He has not worked with a women in a long time, so he is not happy about it. Scott thinks he will have a better transition since Anton is bull-headed.

CHALLENGE: The chefs meet Gordon Ramsay and will be heading into a dark room to pick out their ingredients. They have 60 seconds to grab five ingredients to make their dish, so they are using their sense of touch on this one. It is hilarious to watch them searching for ingredients. Gabriel thinks he has it down and it is easy, but he only grabbed four ingredients! They now have 30 minutes to create an amazing dish. Kashia has squid and never cooked it before, so this is a test for her. The time runs out and here come the dishes!

JUDGING: Chef Ramsay will taste all the dishes one at a time and the best dish will sit in the seat. The final chef in the seat wins the challenge for their team. Gabriel then forgot part of his dish on the chef’s table, so he does not get to sit in the chair! Scott does well and gets to sit in the chair. Sandra is better, so she takes the chair. Anton’s dish is delicious, so he takes over the chair. Rochelle is better, so she takes the chair and everyone is getting better and better. Joy, Richard, Kashia and Jason all fail with their dishes and Rochelle remains in the chair! Melanie has a great dish, but Rochelle keeps the chair and the Blue Team wins!

REWARDS: For winning, the Blue Team will be pampered for the day and have a day at the spa. For losing, the Red Team will be working delivery day in Hell’s Kitchen 2014 and breaking their backs! Jason is not having it at the spa and he is not enjoying himself, which is sad to see. Melanie is doing nothing to help with the unloading and her teammates are over it!

The rewards are done and the chefs are back in the dorms. They think they have the night off, but they are called down to the kitchen. Hell’s Kitchen 2014 is closed to the public for the night, but not closed! They will be holding a charity event in honor of UNICEF and there will be two tables with 12 people each. They will be serving a five-course meal and each chef will be responsible for one course.

DINNER SERVICE: The guests have arrived and Anton gets things started for the Red Team and the flames are huge! Rochelle has started the risotto for the Blue Team and keeping an eye on Gabriel. No issues with the risotto and both teams have moved on to the second course, so Anton and Rochelle pass! Melanie gets the second course done perfectly and they move on to the third course. Gabriel sears only ten tuna and they need 12, so Rochelle fixes his error! They finally get it together and the second course is headed out for the Blue Team.

Meanwhile, Kashia undercooks the pasta and Chef Ramsay calls her out. Melanie said they were fine, so Kashia calls her out on it. Melanie said not to blame her for her rookie mistakes! Now Kashia feels no one has her back on her dish and is not happy! She fixes the error and gets the dishes sent out, but she is upset that Melanie and Anton screwed her over and she trusted them that it was cooked properly. The Blue Team is running out of pasta, so they are spreading it out on all the plates and then Chef Ramsay notices they have 13 plates! Guess who put the plates out? Gabriel! He can’t count or remember a thing tonight! They get the pasta out and both teams are on the fourth course.

We are on the fourth course and Sandra is cooking the lamb and her team is not trusting her and thinks she is lost on it. Scott gets the lamb entree out for the Red Team and they move on to dessert. Jason is trying to help Sandra, but she is not letting him and sends up cold lamb! She puts them back in the oven, but everyone says it will overcook them. Kashia is freaking out that she will go home, but Sandra is on the other team and has overcooked lamb and three plates with no lamb and must make a decision on Hells Kitchen 2014! She cuts off the tops and reheats them. She is ashamed of it, but the plates get sent out and they move on to the dessert. Both teams get through the desserts and dinner service is completed, but their is tension on both sides!

Afterwards, Chef Ramsay said he was hoping they would shine, but they weren’t good enough. They must each nominate two chefs for elimination and this should get dirty!

DELIBERATION: Kashia knew her station was bad, so she puts herself up. They argue over the second nominee, but then Kashia speaks up and goes off on Melanie for her actions and it is not pretty. For the Blue Team, it is obvious that Sandra is nominated. Then it is between Richard (screwed up the pasta) and Gabriel (screwed up the tuna and can’t count).

ELIMINATIONS: The chefs are back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Red Team nominates Kashia and Scott. For the Blue Team, they nominate Sandra and Gabriel. They each state why they should stay, but it is Sandra that is headed home. He feels she has lost her passion and the other three chefs go back in line.

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