Another week of Hell’s Kitchen 2014 is upon us and it looks like Gordon Ramsay will be testing the chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 with how much they know about pork! Seeming these chefs can’t cook, I am doubting that they have much knowledge about pork either! It is an exciting prize for the winning team tonight, so both of them will be wanting it! Find out who wins below in our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and also see who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight with us!

Hell's KItchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 11

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, we saw the completion of the cooking challenge from the week before. It seemed like both Jessica and Richard created good dishes in the 30 minutes, but Richard’s dishes were a little better and he won the challenge and Jessica cried her way out the door! Then we saw Ralph feeling a little under the weather, as his roomie Gabriel is a loud snorer and Ralph can never get any sleep. I guess he can get sleep now, after Chef Ramsay sent him home after another terrible dinner service from the Blue Team!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…

DORMS: The guys are not happy about Gabriel pulling his stunt last week. Jason would rather be on the Red Team right now. Gabriel said he did what he had to do and is on the hot seat, but he thinks he is on the hot seat now….duh!

CHALLENGE: Part 1 – they have to match the eight cuts of the pig correctly. It was close, but the Blue Team wins and gets an advantage for Part 2. They get to pick the cut they will cook and who they cook against. Anton picks shoulder and Melanie. Richard picks tenderloin and Rochelle. Scott picks cheek and Kashia. Gabriel picks spare ribs and Joy. Jason picks belly and Sandra. They have 45 minutes to cook a stunning dish.

SHOULDER: Anton picks first and picked a cut he never cooks with? Melanie wins.

TENDERLOIN: Both great dishes, but Rochelle wins and 2-0 lead.

SPARE RIBS: Loved them both and Chef Ramsay is torn, but he gives it to Gabriel. 2-1 lead Red Team.

PORK BELLY: One of the best dishes Jason has cooked and he wins, so tied 2-2 (of course).

CHEEK: Kashia nailed the cheek. Scott made a delicious ravioli and Chef Ramsay was worried about him finishing it, but he nailed it and the Blue Team wins…finally! For winning, they will be heading out and skydiving indoors! For losing, the women will be cracking and cleaning peanuts to make the most amazing peanut butter on Hell’s Kitchen 2014.

RWARD/PENALTY: The women are not happy to be deep in nuts! The men are loving the skydiving and it looks beyond amazing. Gabriel is having a little too much fun, but it seems to have boosted their morale. The women are chatting and Rochelle wants to start a family and get married, but she is feeling like that won’t be an option if she becomes a head chef. The men come back from the challenge and they also got top-of-the-line blenders for winning!

DINNER SERVICE: Jason gets things off on a good note for Blue Team and apps going out. Sandra screws up and breaks a lobster tail and the Red Team is waiting. Scott is everywhere in the Blue Kitchen and messing with people. Anton is trying to make scallops and getting distracted by Scott and doesn’t send up enough scallops. Is it Scott’s fault or Anton? Kashia is cooking without the gas on the stove and wondering why her food is not warming up!

Anton is cooking halibut and Scott is there by his side. This time Anton sends up overcooked fish and blames it on Scott again, so Chef Ramsay sends them all in the back to have a team meeting to get their shit together on Hells Kitchen 2014! Anton says he needs to work solo, so I guess they are good to go and back in the kitchen working.

The Red Team is struggling with Sandra and her communication. Melanie needs more time on Beef Wellington, but then Chef Ramsay calls for the food and Sandra brings up her salmon, even though Melanie said to hold back. They are all over her and their timing is way off. The Blue Team is together, but Gabriel sends up cold mushrooms for garnish and the entrees have to be done over again!

This time Sandra has the timing correct, but sends up overcooked salmon! No one is on Anton’s back and he is working solo and has it under control, but he sends up overcooked salmon! He thinks there is too much going on and no one needs to talk to him! WHAT???? Chef Ramsay comes over and shows him how it is done! Anton then slips on oil and falls and blames it on Scott for the oil! He is a big hot mess tonight!

Dinner service is done and Chef Ramsay said neither of them are the winning team tonight, so they both have to nominate two chefs for elimination tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014!

DELIBERATIONS: Blue Team knows Anton will go up, even though he doesn’t think he should. The other choice is up in the air. Red Team decides on Sandra and Kashia, but then Rochelle leaves the room and they talk about nominating her because of her conversation in the kitchen earlier and wanting a family!

NOMINATIONS: Blue Team nominates Anton and Scott. Red Team nominates Sandra and Rochelle!

ELIMINATIONS: Chef Ramsay has them all take their jackets off and he is switching it up! Rochelle and Sandra will join the Blue Team and Scott and Anton will join the Blue Team! No one is eliminated tonight!

What do you think of the results on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight?

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