All of our questions will be answered tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014, as FOX did their famous “To Be Continued” episode last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 and we were left wondering if Jessica or Richard would be sent home! The results on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 will come tonight! Watch with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 10

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12, the Red Team found themselves on the winning side of things for the challenge, yet again. They enjoyed some time in Southern California and the Blue Team enjoyed doing all the chores for the servers! Everyone was back in the dorms and ready to get some sleep, but Chef Ramsay had other things in mind. He decided to do progress reports with each chef, since we are midway through the season. He determined the weakest chefs, or who each team thought was their weakest link, and then put those two chefs to the test. They had to create a lobster risotto, scallops and halibut dish in 30 minutes. The winner stayed and the loser went home! The episode ended with “To Be Continued” on the screen!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Live Recap that follows!


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Here we go…we go back to the challenge and Chef Ramsay announces the winner, which happens to be Richard! That means Jessica is eliminated and let the tears begin! She begs Chef Ramsay to let her back in line, but he said she is not ready to be a head chef. Keep her attitude and passion and keep working at it!

Back in the dorms and the chefs called it an early night, but Ralph is getting no sleep because of his roomie Gabriel, who happens to be snoring like no other! The next morning arrives and Ralph got like no sleep. but they get called down and cars are waiting for them. They head out and meet Chef Ramsay at his pub and a challenge is in front of them, but what is it???

He throws them for a loop, as they will just be spending time in the pub and using it to view and for inspiration. The chefs are excited to get some time off, but they will use what they are doing there at the pub for the menu tonight at dinner service. Rochelle was excited and thinks everyone should be able to make everything on the menu!

The field trip is over and the chefs are back in the dorms. They are all pumped and ready to win it all on Hell’s Kitchen 2014. They head down to the kitchen and getting things prepped. Ralph is not feeling well and his body is hurting and out of it. He goes to see the medic and they don’t want him going back in the kitchen. This happened to Jason in his initial season and is hoping Ralph can come back and join them!

The men are down a man now, but they are pumped to make up for it. Chef Ramsay comes in and notices Ralph is not present. Gabriel goes and gets him and Ralph comes down and will fight through the fever and sickness! The doors are opened and let dinner service begin on Hell’s Kitchen Season 12.

The men are starting and Anton is moving fast and expecting everyone to follow along with him. Jason is not happy with him, but they get their sliders done and correct, so they have food going out of the kitchen. Over on the Red Team, Joy is making the sliders and not aware that she has to put them together as well, so Chef Ramsay tells everyone to help her out!

Scott is checking time with everyone and making sure they are all on the same page. He is so busy with the timing, I guess he forgot to watch his own station. He sends up soggy fries and a wet salad and Chef Ramsay is pissed! Meanwhile, the Red Team gets it together and the apps are moving out of the kitchen and Chef Ramsay starts on entrees.Kashia is working the garnish station and sends up cold food!

Now the Blue Team is going crazy, as Anton is missing tickets and didn’t out down the steak! I guess Chef Ramsay calling back the orders is not needed, as the men will just sit and argue about what he does and does not want! Why don’t we just shut up and listen to what Chef Ramsay says? He tells them to stop yelling and start cooking. Anton is trying to run the show, but he is not listen to anyone. He is sending up his steak and the chicken or fish are not done. Ralph sends up raw fish!

Over on the Red Team, Kashia is determined to get it right this time and she nails it. They seem to be communicating well and their tickets are flying out of the kitchen. They are in a good flow and the diners are all eating! In the Blue Kitchen, Gabriel is working on the chicken and he has 8 minutes left and then 5 minutes and then 7 minutes and then 6 minutes! He has no clue when it will be done!

Meanwhile, one of the couples on the Blue Kitchen’s side is leaving! They have been waiting for an hour and no food and have places to be, so they must leave. Chef Ramsay apologizes and invites them back for another service. The Red Team sends out their final entrees! He keeps Sandra on the desserts and brings the other four ladies to “help out” on the Blue side.

This never goes well, as the men do not want their help and no one listens to anyone. Anton is in a world of his own and gets his own thoughts in his mind and skips what anyone is asking him. More arguing and more bad fish from Ralph, but this time it is overcooked! Chef Ramsay is over it and kicks the men out of the kitchen. Now Anton is trying to play the victim and said they wanted him as the leader and now they are stabbing him in the back. Um, he wanted to be leader and now he is sucking it up!

The women are finishing up the dinner service for the men, as they sit in the dorms and fight out who to nominate! Ralph is saying Gabriel screwed up on the chicken and never knew the time. Scott gets called out and has no clue why. They all seem to be going with Gabriel and Scott, but he said he is not going up and Ralph should be up there!

The men come back in front of Chef Ramsay and Gabriel said they nominated Scott and Ralph tonight, but the men all look shocked! They nominated Gabriel, but he does not think he should be going up. Because of that, all three of them are asked to step forward. They all stated their case on why they should stay, but Ralph is sent home because of his fish and chips. So, he was not even nominated by his team, but Gabriel got him up there and Chef Ramsay sent him home!

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