We are one week away from finding out who won Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, but before that Chef Gordon Ramsay has to send home two more chefs and it is not going to be pretty tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. Four chefs will start the night, but then after dinner service is completed Chef Ramsay will have to send home two chefs! The tension was high when he sent home Susan last week, so I can only imagine what will happen tonight when two of them have to go home! Find out with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Recap and see who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2013 - Episode 20

The four chefs head back to the dorms  and Mary said she is here for the fight of her life! She said she can’t deny doing a bad job, but she is not the weakest and the other chefs roll their eyes on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11!

It is the next morning and they are back in front of Chef Ramsay and they will be doing a puzzle and he divides them into two teams: Jon and Mary against Ja’Nel and Cyndi. They get working on the puzzle and this isn’t real, right??? The puzzle will reveal something. Jon and Mary get it done first and they have won nothing (duh)!

The challenge: they will recreate the dish in the puzzle! It is a Taste It, Now Make It challenge! They have 30 minutes to taste the dish and replicate it and whoever is closest will win the challenge.

The big test will be getting the protein correct and since Mary is a butcher then she should shine on this one. Cyndi and Ja’Nel chose venison, Mary chose bison and Jon chose beef filet. For the puree, they all chose butternut squash. For veggies, Cydni goes turnip, Ja’Nel and Mary go parsnip and Jon goes celery root. Ten minutes left and Mary tastes and knows that it is now lamb, so she switches it up! She puts up an undercooked lamb, but knows it is correct.

Chef Ramsay tastes all the dish and really gives no feedback. He said you can’t win the challenge without the protein right and it is not lamb, so Mary is out. Venison is correct, so Cyndi and Ja’Nel got it right. The puree was not butternut squash and it comes down to the vegetables. It was turnips, so Cyndi was correct and she wins this challenge!

For winning, she will be going on a $1,000 shopping spree and then Chef Ramsay will be escorting her to his new restaurant in Los Angeles and get some valuable one-on-one time with him! What an advantage, huh? The losing chefs will be dealing with Moving Day and clearing out the dorms!

Cyndi goes out shopping and she is getting new kitchen supplies and she buys her Mom a blender she has always wanted…how nice of her. The losing chefs are clearing out the dorms on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and they are disgusted! These chefs are dirty!!! Meanwhile, Cyndi sits down and eats food with Chef Ramsay and he told her to step out of her comfort zone and be more vocal. They finish cleaning the dorms, but now must head down and prep the kitchen. Cyndi comes back and she is relaxed, but the others are worn out!

Dinner service is about to begin and Chef Ramsay said they will each have a turn to lead the pass and tonight is their moment to take charge! Four chefs now, but after tonight there will only be two!!!

Hell’s Kitchen 2013 is open and let the service begin! The first ticket comes back and things get rolling. Cyndi is working on risotto and Jon on the scallops. She has four pans of risotto working at once and Chef Ramsay is impressed! The kitchen is off to a great start, but now she gets to run the pass and test her leadership skills. The other chefs seem to ignore her and Chef Ramsay calls her out for being quiet. Then Chef Andi is filling in and testing the chefs and she sends up risotto with crab and not lobster and Chef Ramsay calls her out again!

Ja’Nel gets her chance with running the pass and no one is talking to her either! Is this sabotage??? Cyndi sends up two pans of risotto and they both needed more salt. Chef Ramsay wants to know if it is sabotage??? Cyndi fixes her mistakes and then Chef Andi sends up cod instead of halibut and Ja’Nel catches the mistake, so a stellar run at the pass for her!

Now it is time for Jon and again none of the chefs respond to the chef calling out orders. He misses an error in the ticket with beef wellington and Chef Ramsay calls him out. He is trying to redeem himself with his last ticket and the lamb comes up raw and he tries to be a badass and calls out Ja’Nel for the raw lamb, but he is no Chef Ramsay! He seems to get it together, but then he tries to send out fish in place of scallops that Chef Andi mixed up and he got caught and it seems like a disaster for him.

Mary is last one to run the pass on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. One thing is certain: Mary is vocal and everyone can hear her! She is calling it like it is and she is being a mini-Chef Ramsay and it is working for her. She sends back food for Ja’Nel and Jon, but she is being assertive and I like it. Chef Andi sends up two beef wellingtons with lamb and not beef and she catches it and she nailed this pass! She may be my favorites right now and did she just earn a spot in the Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 finale???

They complete dinner service and Chef Ramsay sends them back to the dorm and come up with a reason on why they should make the finale. Instead of thinking of their reasons, Jon calls out Ja’Nel for screwing him over. It seems to be an attack on Ja’Nel, but is it just to get rid of her?

Back in front of Chef Ramsay and they all get to say why they should make the finale. He said he has never had a more difficult time on deciding who makes the finale, but he has made his decision. The first chef going home tonight is Cyndi, which I am shocked by but he said she is not ready to lead yet. The first chef moving on to the finale is Mary! Of course, we are left wondering who will go up against Mary in the finale, as “To Be Continued…” comes across the screen!!! Will it be Jon or Ja’Nel in the finale?

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