For the third week in a row on Hell’s Kitchen 2013, we will see the Top 5 chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 compete as we try to inch closer to the Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 Finale. We have to find out the winner of Hell’s Kitchen 2013 soon enough, so someone has to go home tonight! Will it possibly be a double elimination, since no one left us last time on Hell’s Kitchen 2013? Find out in my Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Recap that follows and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight with us!

Hell's Kitchen 2013 - Episode 19

We start where things ended last time and Mary is not happy that Cyndi and Susan both said she was the weakest chef. She hates that she is put on the block, but Cyndi said it is not most improved, but MVP and Mary and Susan are improved.

The next morning arrives on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and Chef Gordon Ramsay has prepared a special meal for them this morning. It is a gourmet burger and it can go for as much as $100! For a damn burger??? For the challenge, they will each create their own gourmet burger. The guest judge will be Jean Philippe and a bunch of his friends. They will have 30 minutes to start sending out burgers and have to make ten burgers that all of the judges will get a sample of.

Cyndi wants a big, juicy burger and no healthy stuff like Susan and Ja’Nel will be making. Jon is going to make a Roman Burger, to go with the Caesar theme for Vegas. Ja’Nel is making a salmon burger and Chef Ramsay said not to overcook it.The time is running out and burger are starting to get served.

The first burgers are going out into the dining room and the culinary professionals start tasting them as the chefs continue to finish their burgers on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11. Mary goes out and talks with the judges and her burger is apparently creamy. Susan thinks she is a charmer, but she is not doing well at all!

The chefs are out doing their final campaigning with the judges and now it is time for them to score the burgers. The results are in and in last place was Susan (I guess they did not want a healthy burger). The winner, with almost 40% of the vote, was Jon (the Roman Burger worked).

For winning, it is Spa Day and he will get a green tea facial and massages. He gets to share the day out with a teammate of his choice and he chooses Cyndi, who is beyond happy he chose her. The losing chefs will have a list of boring, endless chores. Jean Philippe will get the day off since he brought it all his friends, so they will do all the dining room work and get things ready for dinner service and wash his car!!!

Jon and Cyndi are enjoying the spa, as the other chefs are hating their day and Ja’Nel is being assertive and Mary and Susan are over her. The dining room is done and they are headed to the kitchen to make sure everything is prepped for dinner service tonight.

For dinner service tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013, the five of them will serve the entire dining room! Chef Ramsay has faith in them though, but that is before dinner service starts! The first ticket comes back and here we go!

Well, Antonio Sabato, Jr. comes in and wants a last minute table, so they put him at the Chef’s Table. The other girls are swooning over him, but Cyndi said it is not her cup of tea! The chefs are doing well and getting apps out, but then Ja’Nel sends up risotto that is mush and tastes disgusting and Chef Ramsay takes them back for some yelling!

The diners are waiting and losing patience, but Ja’Nel sends up some new risotto and it is perfect and the team is back on track. Chef Ramsay is trying to get the apps done and Mary sends up sliders with greasy buns and and she didn’t put the patty on one of them! Mary is losing her mind and Chef Ramsay is getting to her! She tries again and sends up bad sliders again!

Susan then tries to help Mary with the sliders and they go out this time and the apps are leaving the kitchen at a steady pace. Now we are starting entrees as well! Mary wants to improve over the apps with the fish station. Susan is on garnish and she wants to be a voice in the kitchen. She sends up burnt garnish and gets called out by Chef Ramsay for it. Things are falling apart on Hell’s Kitchen 2013.

Now Mary sends up burnt fish and the whole kitchen is a mess. I guess Cyndi was right when she said that Mary and Susan were the weakest chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11? The chefs are moving through the entrees now and the Chef’s Table is impressed with their plates.

Susan starts calling out tickets and Chef Ramsay is pissed, so he hands the reins over to her and this is not going to end well for Susan! She seems to hold her own and then Chef Ramsay comes back in and the last ticket is served! He was expecting more from the chefs tonight and it was a disaster. The chefs will nominate the two weakest individuals…seems easy, right?

The chefs meet in the dorm on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and needless to say, this is not going to go well. Ja’Nel and Susan get into it and Ja’Nel is fighting to not be nominated and I don’t think she should. I am voting for Mary and Susan to go up and Susan to go home…last place on the burger!

Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the nominees tonight are Mary and they are split between Ja’Nel and Susan. He asks them all to step forward and they get to explain why they should stay in Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 tonight. Chef Ramsay thinks and he sends Mary back in line. Susan is eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight, but Chef Ramsay said he may have a job for her down the road some time. Ja’Nel is safe and we have our final four chefs! Who do you think will win from this group?

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