We have family visits and pressure cooker challenges tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013, as the final five chefs get those black jackets they came on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 to receive! Chef Gordon Ramsay has one final test for them though, as the chefs will compete in a challenge to win both the black jackets and a dinner with the family and friends! Watch it all go down in our Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight with us!

Hell's Kitchen 2013 Season 11 - Episode 17

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen 2013, the six remaining chefs survived a Culinary Relay Race and then put on a decent dinner service, with only a few hiccups. Chef Ramsay informed the teams that one chef from each team would be eliminated and only four of them would get black jackets! He lied! Zach was finally eliminated, but he decided to save Susan and leaving us with five chefs.

Will all five get black jackets tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Season 11 or will a pressure cooker test be enough to send one of them home? Some family visits and videos get the final five chefs emotional, so tune in to our Live Recap starting soon to see it all go down!

Here we go….with a look back at last week’s episode to start things out! All five chefs are safe, but for how long? Susan felt like she was going to pee her pants after that! Susan asks Ja’Nel what she can do to make her like her, but Ja’Nel said she is not going to be nice to make her happy. Jon is feeling out of his element, as he is the only guy left! It is not his fantasy though!

The next morning arrives and the final five head down to meet Chef Ramsay. He says there is one more thing he has to do before the black jackets are given out and it is a video. A video message for Cyndi from her Mom and sister. It continues, as they are get a video message from loved ones and bring on the tears!

Time for the next challenge on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and that challenge is to spend time with their families, as they are right there with them in Hell’s Kitchen! The chefs get some alone time with their families and the tears continue. A funny part, as Ja’Nel is talking to her Mom and she keeps swearing, since she is used to being around Chef Ramsay! She keeps saying “sorry Mom” and it is really funny.

Chef Ramsay interrupts the family time and now back to business. He sees them with their families and he knows any of them could win, so all five of them will get black chefs! They are presented with the jackets and it is a touching moment. It is time for the families to leave and the chefs to head up to the dorms and get those jackets on and come back for their individual challenge!

The chefs are back in Hell’s Kitchen 2013 with their black jackets and they will be working individually now. For this challenge, the winner will get to spend the afternoon with their family! The challenge: create a five-star dish from an inexpensive cut of meat using a pressure cooker. They choose a pressure cooker and find out their meat. Cyndi gets Pork Roast, Jon gets Lamb Leg, Susan gets Pork Belly, Ja’Nel gets Goat Ribs and Mary gets Beef Short Ribs. Mary is the only one to have used a pressure cooker before, so will she shine this challenge?

The chefs head to the kitchen and start cooking. Mary said the one secret to using a pressure cooker is not opening it, but Susan keeps opening it and she is losing the pressure. Jon is smelling burnt and he has underestimated the pressure cooker and has burnt his meat! He pulls out the legs and they aren’t bad, but the bottom is coated with the burnt meat and he can’t put it back in there. They find an extra one and he is thrilled. Ja’Nel’s dish is done, but she feels it is spicy and worried about who the judges are.

The time runs out and time to taste the dishes. The guest judges tonight are Chef Nancy Silverton and Lesley Bargar Suter, a food editor. The dishes will be given one to five stars. For Susan, Chef Nancy said it is a bit overwhelming. Lesley likes the tanginess of the slaw, but it could be shaved thinner. She gets a total of nine stars.

For Jon, Chef Nancy said the color is beautiful, but it is a little bit tough. Lesley said the flavor is there, but needed more time. Chef Ramsay said the meat needed to be cooked longer. He gets ten stars.

For Cyndi, Chef Nancy said a lot of flavors there, but put off by the color. Lesley said it is not visually appealing, but tastes nice. She gets seven stars because it looks so bad!

For Ja’Nel, Chef Nancy said it is better than great. Lesley said well-seasoned and good. Chef Ramsay said that is phenomenal. She gets 14 stars!!!

For Mary, Chef Nancy gives a thumbs up. Lesley said she is loving the meat. Chef Ramsay said very good. She gets 15 out of 15 stars and wins this challenge on Hell’s Kitchen 2013! I guess using the pressure cooker in the past helped, huh? She heads out to dine with her family at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant!

The losing chefs will be helping the community and shoveling dirt, helping with recycling and diving in dumpsters! They get some ugly white jumpsuits, but Susan thinks she can rock it out, even though the other chefs hate them!

Mary meets with her mother and brother and is so excited to reconnect with them. The other chefs head out and meet Tree People and start mulching and digging a side of a hill! They get their work done in the community, but now they head back to Hell’s Kitchen and start digging through the trash to work on the recycling! Can it not be separated in the restaurant? Ja’Nel finds some maggots and is disgusted, but I can’t blame her!

As the chefs dig through the trash, Mary arrives back in her limo and is happy she won the challenge today! Susan said she looked good in the beginning, but not so much now. Trash does not look good on anyone! The chefs finish and head back to the dorms to shower!

The night has arrived and the chefs are all ready to rest for the night, but then Chef Ramsay calls and wants them down in Hell’s Kitchen 2013 immediately! He said that dinner service will be the hardest in their life the next night. They will be working together as a team, but they will be going up against some of the best chefs, but who is their competition?

We will find out next week, as “To Be Continued” comes across the screen! Why do you do this to me FOX and Chef Ramsay???

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