The time has come and we have arrived at the last team challenge on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and the final six chefs are one step away from the coveted black jacket on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11. The chefs will compete in a culinary relay race before heading to dinner service, in which they hope to survive and earn that pretty black jacket! Chef Gordon Ramsay does not mess around this late in the game, so the pressure will be high tonight! Come watch with us during our Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap and see who was eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight with us!

Hell's Kitchen 2013 - Episode 16

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, we saw the completion of the individual challenge and we saw Chef Ramsay chose Jon over Cyndi as the winner and he gained immunity for dinner service. It was a good thing, as the Blue Team sucked it up again and lost to the Red Team. It was a battle between Anthony and Zach to see who went home, but in the end Chef Ramsay sent Anthony home and Zach survives again for another week.

Also at the end of the episode last week, the ladies had to send one of their chefs over to the Blue Team to even it out. Ja’Nel volunteered to go, but thinking that Zach would be eliminated! That didn’t happen, so she may have screwed herself over! Jon was excited about the addition of Ja’Nel to their team, but can she help them win the culinary relay race tonight and finally win a dinner service? Come watch with us in our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…the chefs are back in the dorm and Jon and Zach are thinking that Ja’Nel will mold well with their team, but is that the case?

The next morning arrives and time for the challenge this week. It is the final team challenge and the Red Team has won 10 of the 11 challenges! Chef Owen and Chef Jon will be the guest judges tonight with Chef Ramsay. They do some tricks with juggling knives and fire and it is awesome! They won’t be guest judges, but there to show what teamwork does. The challenge is all about making three entrees in 30 minutes, but each chef is in the kitchen for five minutes and then 15 seconds to communicate.

They have to make roasted chicken, lamb and halibut. Cyndi gets it started for the Red Team and Zach for the Blue Team. Five minutes has passed and it seems Zach has done nothing! Cyndi has done some work, so Susan has a good kitchen. Ja’Nel goes in and nothing is done! Both chefs start their pans on fire! Time is up and Mary and Jon enter. This whole challenge is mass chaos and nothing seems to be getting done in either kitchen.

Jon drops the chicken, so he must get out new stuff! The time runs out and Zach and Cyndi head back in. The halibut is burnt on one side for the Red Team. Susan forgets to sear the chicken, so Mary comes in and her and Jon will now be finishing up all three dishes in just five minutes! Time is running down and they are running to finish the plates, but will they on Hell’s Kitchen 2013?

The Red Team has one empty plate, but then the lamb is raw for the Blue Team. For the lamb, Chef Ramsay said at least the lamb is cooked for the Red Team, but it looks like crap. The lamb is crap for Blue Team and he won’t eat it. No points given. For the chicken, the Red Team has nothing to present. The Blue Team does well and they get a point! For the halibut, Chef Ramsay said the Red Team tastes really bad and looks bad. For the Blue Team, it is beautifully cooked and the winning team is the Blue Team!!! They get their second victory.

For winning, they will get an exclusive tour of Los Angeles in their own helicopter and then get over $20,000 in caviar at Gillette Ranch! For losing, the ladies will prep onions and potatoes and prep both kitchens for dinner service. They start unloading the trucks as the Blue Team heads out for their special day. Cyndi can’t breath and a medic is called!

Her chest is tightening up and the medics look at her as the other chefs are enjoying their caviar. Cyndi has an asthma attack and gets to working on the potatoes, as the other chefs get back.

It is now time to get ready for dinner service for both teams on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11. Cyndi is feeling tired and out of it, but she is powering through tonight. The chefs remaining after tonight will form one team and black jackets will be handed out, but who gets those black jackets on Hell’s Kitchen 2013?

The doors open and time to get things started. Zach thinks the best three chefs left are on the Blue Team. I think he is a little nuts! The apps are coming up for the Blue Team and things are going well, but Zach can’t seem to do math and Chef Ramsay is calling him out on his bull. Susan has apps for the Red Team and she nails the risotto, so everyone is eating and Chef Ramsay is happy.

Jon is working the fish station and Ja’Nel is working the apps, but then Zach is burning the lamb!!! Get it together. The apps are moving along very nicely for the Red Team, so Cyndi wants to get a jump on the entrees and Chef Ramsay catches her and calls her out!

The entrees are started for the Blue Team as the Red Team is finishing up their last apps. Cyndi sends up some overcooked lobster and Chef Ramsay flings them on the wall! The second attempt and the lobster is raw now! How do you send up ice cold lobster? He takes them in the back for a good yelling!!!

Chef Ramsay tells them to slow it down and get ti right then be fast and screw up. The Red Team comes back strong and gets their apps finished. They get started on entrees as Zach is ready to serve his first entree, who is in his own world and not responding to Chef Ramsay or anyone! Well, the first entrees are fine though, so Zach needs to just get out of his own head!

Over on the Red Team, the Red Team bounces back and the entrees start coming back. Zach claims he is the meat master, but then sends up overcooked lamb and Chef Ramsay goes off! Zach tries again and he is successful and they start working on their last ticket. Over in the Red Team kitchen, the last ticket goes out and they have completed dinner service tonight. The last ticket is done well for the Blue Team and both teams complete dinner service. Chef Ramsay said it wasn’t perfect, but it was good and they all fought back.

Both of the teams win tonight, however he is only giving out four black jackets!!!! Each team must nominate one chef to be eliminated tonight and it looks like Cyndi will get nominated by the Red Team because she has plateaued. Over on the Blue Team, it looks like it will be Zach up on the chopping block.

Back in front of Chef Ramsay on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and the Blue Team nominates Zach because of his lamb and lack of communication. Over on the Red Team, they nominate Cyndi and he doesn’t get how she could be the weakest chef. They each want the other gone, so then he asks Ja’Nel who the weakest chef is and she says Susan!

Chef Ramsay asks Susan and Zach to step down and tell him why they deserve to be here and why they should stay. They state their cases and Zach is eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight! Finally!!! Susan isn’t leaving yet, as Chef Ramsay sends her back in line! They will have one more thing to do before getting that black jacket, but will one more person go home then? Find out next week!

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