As it goes for Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, last week’s episode was left with “To Be Continued…” sprawled on our TV screens and left us wondering which chef won immunity on Hell’s Kitchen 2013! It was down to Cyndi and Jon and one of them would be given the pleasure of having immunity at the next dinner service, but it all depends on who Chef Gordon Ramsay picks as the winner. Find out who it was during our Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap and see who was sent home on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight with us!

Hell's Kitchen 2013 - Episode 15

The seven chefs remaining in Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 were put to the first ever individual challenge on Hell’s Kitchen last week and the best dish would be given immunity at the next dinner service. That is a huge advantage, especially with the handing out of black jackets coming very soon!

We’ll start the show out tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 finding out which chef wins the immunity and most likely gains a black jacket next week. The remaining chefs will fight it out and hope to get through dinner service, which features celebrities Maria Menounos and Jeremy Sisto. With the VIP guests in attendance, can the chefs successfully complete their dinner service. Find out in our Live Recap starting soon!

Here we go…the Blue Team has lost 10 out of 11 challenges this season. Do the guys suck that much this season? So, Jon sits in the chair and we wait to hear whether Cyndi replaces him and wins the safety card for the dinner service tonight! Let’s do this Chef Ramsay! The winning dish belongs to Jon, so he wins immunity tonight and is in no danger of going home!

Ja’Nel is not happy Jon took her down again, so she is watching out for him. Zach is then talking about his dish and he should have won and he will be serving it in his restaurant and everyone is over him.

We are hours from dinner service and the ladies are ready to go, but the guys, especially Anthony, are not that pumped. Zach is quiet and Anthony is worried about going home if they lose tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013. Zach is still going on and on about his damn dish that Chef Ramsay did not like and even breaks down crying with one of his on-camera interviews. What????

The Red Team wants Zach gone, so they know they need a great dinner service and hope he goes home. The Red Team is getting everything done, but the Blue Team needs to make up for the absence of Zach, who took a break to cry! And we have a fire in the Blue Kitchen!!! Yup, Jon starts a fire and Zach comes back to complain about things being in shambles, but where were you???

For dinner service tonight, the Blue Team will have Extra host Maria Menounos and the Red Team will have actor Jeremy Sisto from Suburgatory. The kitchen is open and we have started dinner service!

Maria has arrived and the guys are in awe and struggling to not look at her! Mary can’t seem to keep her tongue in her mouth while cooking! Anthony can’t understand directions from Chef Ramsay, but he sends up perfect scallops and VIP guest is served.

The Red Team is working well on apps and getting plates sent out of the kitchen. They forget the lobster tails and Cyndi forgot to remind Mary, so they have to catch up now. Jon then sends up bland risotto and why does Zach always sound like he is yelling, even though he is just talking?

Cyndi then sends up six services of risotto when only three are needed and Chef Ramsay are not happy! However, the VIP guests are happy with their apps and half of the apps are done for the Red Team on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11. The men are trying to keep up, but Jon brings up two risotto and Anthony only brings one lobster tail and now they are falling behind even more!!!

We are 45 minutes into dinner service and the Blue Team is heading downhill. He sends up bad lobster again, but redeems himself and now both teams have completed apps and are now working on entrees. Zach is working on meat and Anthony is working on fish. Anthony asked Zach if he needs time and Zach said two minutes, but then Anthony goes and serves his bass! So, now they wait on Zach and he looks like the bad one.

Susan has been struggling with lamb all season on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and here she is on the meat station tonight. Can she survive? Her first lamb chops go up and it is cooked perfectly and the lamb gods have shined on Susan! They have entrees moving out of the kitchen now.

For the Blue Team, Zach finally gets the lamb chops done right and they get their first entrees out. The Red Team is moving along very nicely, but then Ja’Nel cuts herself and must get looked at by a medic! The attention goes back to the Blue Team, as Anthony sends up raw halibut and he gets some one-on-one time with Chef Ramsay! Maybe it will motivate him?

Ja’Nel is wrapped up and back on the garnish station and tries to get back into the swing of things, but is falling behind as entrees are going up and she is not getting the garnish out correctly. She bounces back and the entrees go out for the VIPs on the Red Team side.

Anthony sends up some successful entrees and he is happy, but then Zach sends up dry Wellingtons! If it is not one it is the other, right? Zach tells him one minute on Wellington, but then he has none prepared and has to tell Chef Ramsay that it will be 20 minutes! He is pissed and goes over to the Red side and gets some extra from Susan and the Blue Team gets some entrees sent out.

The Red Team is done with entrees and now working on desserts, as Susan takes some time out and flirts a little with Jeremy Sisto! She is hoping for maybe a ring from him!

The men are trying to finish up their entrees and Zach is all baffled and wants this dinner service done! He keeps giving excuses to Chef Ramsay and he is over it! One more excuse and he is out of here!!!

There are only two tickets left on the Blue Side and Zach is having issues on the meat station, so Chef Ramsay takes over for him and Zach keeps annoying him. Chef Ramsay finished the entrees and dinner service is done. Clearly, the winning team tonight is the Red Team. The Blue Team will lose someone tonight and it is all on Jon, since he has immunity. He must make a decision on who he wants to move forward with: Zach or Anthony. The ladies on the Red Team must also make a decision: who will join the Blue Team to even teams out?

Zach tries to state his case to stay to Jon and no one on the Red Team wants to go to the Blue Team, but Ja’Nel steps up and is hoping they all join forces again with the black jackets. Now Anthony talks with Jon to tells him where his mind and heart are at. Who should he send home? Zach must go!!!

Jon is torn on who to pick and thinks it could go either way on this one. Jon nominates Anthony to go home! What???? Chef Ramsay still needs to hear from both of them and let’s hope that he sends home Zach! Chef Ramsay questions Anthony’s confidence and he could lead the staff if he wins. Chef Ramsay thinks Zach sugar coats everything instead of fixing the problem, but who is eliminated? Chef Ramsay sends home Anthony!!! Zach gets a scare, but he is sent back in line and is safe tonight. Ja’Nel joins the Blue Team!

Who were you hoping would go home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013?

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