Eight chefs compete tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and it looks like some changes are coming to Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 thanks to Chef Gordon Ramsay tonight! The Blue Team has been struggling, despite the fact that Nedra tried to cook pasta in water that wasn’t even boiling last week for the Red Team! Are things that bad for the Blue Team on Hell’s Kitchen 2013? We shall find out tonight during our Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Live Recap and find out who was eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight with us!

Hell's Kitchen 2013 - Episode 13

Since Nedra seems to have lost her way the past few weeks, including that pasta-cooking incident last week on Hell’s Kitchen on FOX, Chef Ramsay decides tonight to throw a wrench into the game. Eight chefs remain, so to even things out he takes Nedra from the Red Team and she will now compete on the Blue Team!

Apparently Chef Ramsay thinks a new team will help bring Nedra back to life and maybe bring some life into the Blue Team. Can they win with Nedra or will the women on the Red Team continue their dominance tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Season 11? Time will tell and we will be watching along with you, as the chefs take on creating dishes for an international cuisine. Our Live Recap starts soon, so don’t miss a thing with us!

Here we go…we start with Chef Ramsay pissed that the women drew a name out of the hat to see who goes to the Blue Team and he sends them back to the kitchen to discuss for two minutes and make a decision. None of them want to go now since Zach is still there. Nedra is still willing to go, but the Blue Team feels it is a sabotage. What do you think?

It’s the next morning and the chefs are ready to do battle! Chef Ramsay is surrounded by gift boxes, but he’ll explain them later. The challenge tonight will have the chefs being tested on international cuisine and in come the sexy models, which excite the gentleman. They will spin the wheel to decide what dish they will cook.

Mary picks to go up against Jon and they get Indian cuisine. Nedra goes up against Ja’Nel with Thai cuisine. Susan goes up against Zach with Japanese cuisine. Cyndi goes up against Anthony with Greek cuisine. Some chefs are happy with their cuisine and others are upset. They have 45 minutes to create a stunning ethnic dish using only the ingredients provided.

Susan is all over the place and doesn’t want to use rice and then decides to use rice, but can’t figure out how to use the rice cooker! Zach is not familiar with Japanese cuisine and trying to figure it out. His one Korean friend told him Japanese food is the same as Chinese food, so he feels alright. Mary burns her rice! Cyndi thinks her chicken is cooked perfectly!

Time to judge on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 and to help Chef Ramsay, he is joined by Dana Bowen: For the Indian cuisine, Dana said Mary’s dish is beautifully done and Chef Ramsay said it is beautiful. Dana said Jon’s dish is very nice and it instantly says Indian cuisine. The winner is Blue Team.

For the Thai cuisine, Dana said the calamari is nicely cooked, but she is not getting the herb flavors. Dana said Ja’Nel’s dish is fantastic and they both loved it big time and Nedra is ticked! The winner is Red Team and the teams are tied.

For the Greek cuisine, Dana said Cyndi’s dish is delicious and the chicken is very well done. Dana said Anthony’s is cooked well. The win goes to the Red Team and they are ahead 2-1.

For the Japanese cuisine, Dana said that Susan’s dish is fantastic and Chef Ramsay loved it. Zach puts his plate down and Chef Ramsay does not seem impressed as he lists all the ingredients and he keeps going and going and going! He has no idea what the ingredients are  and mispronounces them! Chef Ramsay said he doesn’t see chicken on many Japanese menus. Dana said if she was looking for Japanese cuisine she would be disappointed. It is a clear win for the Red Team and they win the challenge!

For winning, Chef Ramsay is sending them shopping! They get $2,000 to share among themselves. Nedra is ticked because she could have used herself a new bra! They will also get a private floor to themselves at Mr. Chow. They go up to the dorm and they all won a complete set of cookware!

For losing, the Blue Team has to get the kitchens prepped and ready for the dinner service and have the wine shipment to take care of. Jon is doing all the heavy lifting and he is the only one who got a point on Hell’s Kitchen Season 11! The Red Team does their shopping and so excited, but over on the Blue Team Nedra is giving out “advice.” She says they are all a mess and no cleanness in the kitchen, but no one is listening to her! The Red Team is enjoying their lunch and excited to keep their winning streak going. They want that black jacket on Hell’s Kitchen 2013.

Everyone is back in the kitchen and Nedra is still trying to organize her station. She is the only one not ready and the doors are about to open! She gets it ready and dinner service begins and Hell’s Kitchen is open! We have Kelly Hu from Hawaii Five-0 in attendance and the tickets start coming in.

Susan needs two risotto and sends up two pans, so Chef Ramsay is pissed she wasted so much food! Nedra starts apps for the Blue Team. Jon sends up successful scallops, but Nedra is moving slow on the risotto. She sends it up, but it is too salty and she must re-do it! Anthony takes over the kitchen and starts giving out orders! The second attempt was successful for Nedra and the risotto and apps are going out for the Blue Team.

Over on the Red Team, Ja’Nel sends up scallops that Chef Ramsay said are disgusting and he is not happy with the Red Team! Ja’Nel heads back and tries the scallops again and they are approved and more apps heading out. Nedra tells Zach not to help her out, but then Chef Ramsay said they need help with the slowness. He then calls them together and said their kitchen is a complete disaster and so messy. We then proceed to hear a lot of beeps, so too much swearing for FOX! Risotto is successful and more apps leaving for Blue Team.

An hour into dinner service and Blue Team still working on apps and Jon screws up the scallops and Chef Ramsay is over them all and calls them idiots. They are all kicked out of the kitchen again!!! Why can’t they get it together?

Red Team is still working through their dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 Season 11. One VIP in the house and Ja’Nel sends up raw fish and he kicks everyone out of the kitchen on the Red Team! He is not happy tonight, huh?

Dinner service has been shut down and now the teams try to figure out what happened. They must know come up with one chef from each team to go home on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight. The Red Team wants to nominate Ja’Nel, since she screwed up tonight. She thinks she is not the weakest chef on the team and it is a battle between her and Susan. For the Blue Team, they say Nedra is the weakest chef and she disagrees. She goes off on a rant and they all just sit back and listen. She said she is not going up and Zach says she is going up!

Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Red Team nominates Susan and the Blue Team nominates Nedra, even though both of the ladies disagree. Nedra said Zach and Anthony sabotaged him and Zach is a liar! Chef Ramsay is over it all and asks Susan and Nedra to step forward. They have 30 seconds to say why they should stay in Hell’s Kitchen Season 11. They state their cases and Nedra is the chef who got eliminated on Hell’s Kitchen 2013 tonight! Susan is safe. Are you happy?

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