Friends, family and supporters have been rallying around Jussie Smollett this week after the Empire star was attacked in Chicago. In the first statement since the attack happened, Jussie is speaking out against the attackers and saying that, “My body is strong, but my soul is stronger.” Check out the statement from Jussie Smollett below!

Jussie Smollett Empire

On Tuesday morning, Smollett, who is gay and also plays a gay character on the hit FOX show Empire, was walking in Chicago when two alleged offenders attacked him as they reportedly yelled racial and homophobic slurs. The police reports states that the attackers poured an unknown chemical substance on Smollett and wrapped a rope around his neck. Smollett claims they were yelling “this is MAGA country” when they fled the scene. Jussie was able to get himself to Northwestern Hospital after the attack and has since been discharged.

In a statement obtained by Entertainment Weekly, Smollett said, “Let me start by saying that I’m OK. My body is strong but my soul is stronger. More importantly, I want to say thank you. The outpouring of love and support from my village has meant more than I will ever be able to truly put into words.”

Of course, police are still investigating the matter and have two people of interest they are searching for. Jussie said, “I am working with authorities and have been 100 percent factual and consistent on every level. Despite my frustrations and deep concern with certain inaccuracies and misrepresentations that have been spread, I still believe that justice will be served.”

Since the attack, Smollett’s family has issued a statement calling it a “cowardly attack.” In his own statement, Jussie finished by saying, “As my family stated, these types of cowardly attacks are happening to my sisters, brothers, and non-gender conforming siblings daily. I am not and should not be looked upon as an isolated incident. We will talk soon and I will address all details of this horrific incident, but I need a moment to process. Most importantly, during times of trauma, grief and pain, there is still a responsibility to lead with love. It’s all I know. And that can’t be kicked out of me.”

We can only hope that these moments make the world stronger and a better place. And we can hope that justice will be served to these two attackers.

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