Emily Maynard and Jef Holm talk future plans on Good Morning America, watch below. Emily Maynard and her new fiancé Jef Holm discussed their relationship and plans for the future on Good Morning America on Monday. The Bachelorette also opened up about how she’s slowly introducing her 7-year-old daughter Ricki to her man.

As for the couple’s wedding plans, Maynard reiterated that they’re just “taking it day by day,” but said she’s “been looking up dresses and places and everything online” in her excitement. Holm added that he’s looking forward to being a “carpool dad” in Charlotte, North Carolina. Emily joked that she’s taken a lot of heat over the pause she took before telling Jef “yes” when he proposed. She said she really just wanted to soak in the moment and make a decision from her heart. Jef says that yes, those were the longest seconds of his life, but he knows that it was a shock to her. They were asked what Ricki thinks of it all, and Emily said Ricki knows Jef is a huge part of their lives right now, but she didn’t say much about it all before because she didn’t want Ricki pressured about keeping a secret.

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