The show opens with the announcement that it’s Movie Night on Dancing With the Stars.  For a minute there I thought I was watching American Idol with all it’s themes but that’s ok I got some popcorn ready and settled in for the dancing.

Niecy Nash was up first dancing a jive to the title song of La Bamba.  I thought it was entertaining and lively.  She was having fun with it and we got to see her personality shine through in the dance.  She gives Len a big kiss on the forehead at the end of the performance and left large red lip prints.  Bruno thought there was so much going on in the upper deck that you couldn’t pay attention to anything else.  I always thought Bruno liked it when the attention is drawn upstairs.

Chad Ochocinco danced a quickstep to The Jungle Book.  I like Chad and I enjoy watching him chase after his partner Cheryl Burke with no luck lol.  He is fun to watch and has good energy.   Bruno thought it was too wild; Carrie said it was strange but Len thought it was a pretty good job overall.  I’ve always thought the judges scored him too low because he exudes positive energy in his dance.

Erin Andrews dances the jive straight from Pulp Fiction.  She has the Uma Thurman look down pat.  What Erin does that Kate Gosselin needs to learn is put aside her personal conflicts for sake of the dance.  Erin has much more serious matters going on in her life than any other dancer and she is still able to grow and learn.  She is getting better each week.  The judges all liked it and had positive things to say about her.

Jake Pavelka tried to be Tom Cruise with a cha cha from Risky Business.  He says people tell him that he looks like Tom but I’m sorry to tell you dude but it’s not even close.  I was hoping to see him fall again because I did get a good laugh at that last week but he actually pulls off his best dance to date.  Darn it!  I love his partner Chelsie Hightower.  I wish she could have gotten put with someone else this season.

Pamela Anderson does Dolly Parton (not literally) with a quickstep to Nine to Five.  She is dancing very well and I surprisingly look forward to watching her each week.  The judges agree that she has great characterization and is fascinating to watch.  Len didn’t like the props and the messing around but come on Len, it’s Movie Night. 

Kate Gosselin does the foxtrot to The Breakfast Club.  She is questioning all Tony’s decisions and is still very negative.  My question is Why the heck is she still in this competition?  The lack of rhythmn, musicality and fluidity is really astounding.  Bruno is exasperated with her and says, “Give us something!”  Kate says her kids came to visit her and count down the days until Monday when they can watch the show so she has to keep dancing for them.  Sounds like someone is looking for some sympathy votes.

Nicole Scherzinger stole the show with a tango to Pretty Woman.  She is by far the best dancer in the competition.  Derek takes her to Beverly Hills to get her into character and she does the Julia Roberts trying on clothes for him which is cute.  The judges said she danced her best performance to date and of the season so far.

Evan Lysacek danced a rumba to Armageddon.  He is having to travel with his partner Anna for Stars on Ice and practice when he is not performing.  The dance is beautiful and his lines are elegant.  Len says, “It had artistry, it had musicality, wonderful fluidity.  Great job.”

I’m crossing my fingers we see the end of Kate’s dancing tomorrow night.  Who do you think is in danger of going home?

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