We only had an hour of American Idol 2013 last night and while it seemed that they showed a lot of bad auditions, the new American Idol judges 2013 did find some good talent, including Dustin Watts. The firefighter stood out among the other contestants and not just because he is a taller, cowboy-looking fella. He had a good country voice, but you can see that in the Dustin Watts auditions for American Idol 2013 video below.

Was anyone else annoyed with American Idol Season 12 last night like I was? It was only an hour long, so you would assume they would focus on the good singers in Baton Rouge, but it seemed to be it was all about the bad ones. The funny thing is is that many of the people that made it through are rumored to be in the Top 40 for American Idol 2013. So, why didn’t we see more good singer or halfway decent singers instead of the hot messes they did show.

Dustin Watts changed the status of Baton Rouge being a hot mess, as the firefighter came in and looked good and sounded good. The South does like their country music and judge Keith Urban thought the South was going to bring a lot of talent. Do you think he was correct in his thinking? Randy Jackson was happy to be home, but I was not happy when I didn’t see many new singers. Get off the judges and their non-drama, but trying to make it drama and give me more information on these singers that are supposed to be making the Top 40!

Check out Dustin Watts on American Idol 2013:

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