I know Crystal Bowersox is one of America’s favorites on American Idol..I know she’s at the head of the pack with this seasons singers, but if she’s not careful, this could end up being the highlight of her career instead of it being her big break that launched her into stardom!

I was shocked to hear her say last night that her mind just wasn’t there, how she had, “Other things” on her mind! Biggest show on TV and she’s having a hard time getting up for a performance? Come on Crystal, don’t let this opportunity pass you by without giving it your all!

The problem I see with Crystal, is she seems like more of a seasoned vet than an up and coming star..I think she’s too comfortable and I think we’ve seen all she has to offer..I doubt she puts down the guitar and becomes a singer(Same thing with Lee, seems a little Willie Nelsonish to me!) I doubt she tries to change her look at all, and I really think that kind of attitude is going to be her downfall..she needs to not only step it up, but step out of her comfort zone and really push herself..she’s good, but she’s not AMAZING type good, maybe if this were the woodstock era, but not now! Call me crazy, call me a hater, but Crystal is walking a fine line..
I hate to just pick on her, but I think she’s got real star potential, just not there quite yet, even though I’m sure she’d disagree..
I wasn’t a big fan of any of the songs last night..I’m not a big Stones fan, but they are a ROCK band, yet not so much ROCK huh! Its pretty bad when nobody can rock it playing the Stones..geez..

It just stuns me how the exciting up tempo songs that get crowds in arenas everywhere, up moving around, have somehow got lost in the shuffle..last night I felt like I was watching a musical of “The Rolling Stones”..
This is what I ask when I’m watching, even if they do a great job on their song, would I pay money to watch them perform for an hour on stage? So far? No Way!