Donald Trump comments on Rosie Show cancellation saying that O’Donnell fails at everything, video below. It doesn’t look like the Apprentice boss will be throwing down the boxing gloves of his years-long feud with Rosie O’Donnell. Jab after jab, he keeps up his insults, because they’re getting him so far.

The mogul revived the war of words on Monday during a call-in to Fox and Friends, where he took jabs at O’Donnell and the recent cancellation of The Rosie Show. “Frankly, that was just going to happen. I knew it immediately when they announced it,” Trump said, adding “Rosie fails at everything.”

He continued, “Some moron will come and hire her again to do something else and that will fail. At some point, let her rest. Let her go away.” Interestingly, Trump didn’t have any harsh words for Oprah Winfrey, whose OWN network put O’Donnell’s show on the air.