The shit is about to hit the fan in the Kardashian family, but a lady is coming forward saying that she had an affair with Kanye West and it happened more than once, but did Kanye West cheat on Kim Kardashian while she was pregnant?!?!? The girl coming forward: Leyla Ghobadi and she is making some pretty strong claims against Kanye West and his possible cheating ways.


This is an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians 2013 waiting to happen, but Kanye has said he will never appear on the show and maybe this is why! You can’t find anything out on him if he stays away from the cameras, right?

TMZ is reporting the story and Leyla Ghobadi recently made the claims in an interview. She claims she met Kanye at a concert in July 2012, after he requested his security team pick her out from the crowd. They went for drinks and had two sexual encounters and one while Kim Kardashian was pregnant!

It gets even better: Leyla claims Kanye told her that the relationship with Kim K. was all for publicity and he wants to increase his fan base! This is some good stuff if it is true, but of course reps for Kanye West are denying it and talking to TMZ about it:

“This most recent attack on Kanye West and his family is totally without merit. It’s a blatant attempt by a misguided individual who is clearly seeking publicity, and another in a series of malicious stories drummed up by non-credible ‘news’ sources.”

Who do you believe on this one? Do you think Kanye West cheated on Kim Kardashian or do you think Leyla Ghobadi is just looking for her ten minutes of fame?

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