Danielle Fishel may not be a name many of you know, but you might remember Topanga from Boy Meets World and she is gracing the cover of Maxim for the April 2013 issue and I guess this is her way of promoting her new role on the new Disney show Girl Meets World? Those Disney stars sure know how to get the heat going, as Danielle Fishel shirtless on cover of Maxim and heats it up even more in photos on the inside of the magazine!

Danielle FIshel Maxim Cover

This is crazy because when did Topanga get those boobs? I just think it is funny she will be coming back on the revival show on Disney and this is her way of getting the spotlight on her?

Is it just me or is this a little too risque for Topanga? I think if she just wanted to do it, fine. Since she is going to be starring on a Disney show, I think she should put the boobs away, right?

Danielle Fishel Maxim

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