It was an emotional night on Dancing with the Stars 2015 last night and it all came to an end with an amazing performance by Nastia Liukin and Derek Hough on DWTS 2015 and they were helped out by head judge Len Goodman. The whole night consisted of some amazing performances and some high scores on Dancing with the Stars Season 20! Check out the Nastia and Derek performances (with the help of Sasha Farber) from DWTS 2015 last night below in our Dancing with the Stars 2015 spoilers!


For the first performance, I get annoyed by them, as Derek is hurt, but ABC continues to show him with Nastia before they perform and keep his name up there when introduced, but then she dances with Sasha. He does a great job with Nastia and this was a great dance, so let him embrace it and get rid of Derek’s name!

Check out the performance here:

For the second performance, they worked with Len on this one. I am getting tears just watching this package video. Len said he can’t dance anymore and he wants to show dancing when he was younger. Derek does dance this one and they do a beautiful job. They were so good together and it ends with Len getting a moment with Nastia on the dance floor and I am in tears!

Check out the second performance here:

What did you think of their performance on Dancing with the Stars Season 20 last night?

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