Get ready to party, as the couples on Dancing with the Stars 2015 will be taking on Spring Break Night tonight on Dancing with the Stars Season 20! That means wild parties and lots of booze, right? Probably not on DWTS 2015, but we will see the team performances return tonight, so that is wild and crazy, right? Check it out with us during our Dancing with the Stars 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on Dancing with the Stars 2015 tonight!

Willow & Mark

Last week on Dancing with the Stars Season 20, the couples took on Disney Night and we saw some cute routines along the way. It seems like we had a few of the couples pulling away from the others, as there was a clear separation in the leaderboard. The couples got to take on some Disney movies, including Hercules for Chris & Witney, as he came out sporting that skirt and not being shy about it. When all was said and done, it was Suzanne & Tony that were eliminated.

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The dance styles for tonight have been announced and our predictions have been made, so now it is time for us to sit back and watch them and listen to the Dancing with the Stars judges 2015 give their feedback! Follow along with our recap below!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s performances on DWTS 2015 Week 6. Don’t want to see them yet or don’t want to know who went home on Dancing with the Stars Season 20 tonight, then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…for tonight, the couples will perform individual performances and then team performances and they need your votes tonight, as there will be a double elimination next week!


Team: Patti and Artem
Dance: Quickstep

To be honest, I was impressed with her on this one. There was a lot of content in there and she was moving fast for this dance, even with only one shoe! As she kicked one of the heels off at the beginning of the dance.

7.0 – Bruno said it is definitely happy hour.
7.0 – Julianne said that was so much fun and he really works with Patti’s strengths.
7.0 – Len said it’s the best dance so far tonight!
8.0 – Carrie Ann said she is the more consistent performer and it was extra special tonight.
Score: 29/40

Team: Nastia and Derek
Dance: Tango

Of course, this was a great routine and they are a strong couple. This is one of those routines that I can’t get behind, as it is something she is familiar with and I just wouldn’t mind seeing them go home because they annoy me.

9.0 – Bruno said that is how you attack a tango.
8.0 – Julianne said the dance was fun to watch, but there was a disconnect between their bodies.
8.0 – Len said it was all fast and too much rotation and a tango should be slow.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said her movement quality is so good, but what’s lacking is going back to the gymnastics mindset and just allow herself to dance.
Score: 34/40

Team: Willow and Mark
Dance: Salsa

This was a fun routine and Mark had her moving around that dance floor. They were quick and lots of movement. I like her, but I was not a huge fan of this routine.

9.0 – Bruno said they always pack a punch and those lifts were absolutely brilliant.
8.0 – Julianne said all the tricks were fantastic, but keeps the legs flexed.
8.0 – Len said he liked the energy and it was very good.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said it was sassy and she turned up the heat and she loved the maturity.
Score: 34/40

Team: Robert and Kym
Dance: Jive

I have hated it from the beginning of the season, but that cheesy smile on his face drives me insane when he dances. It is way too over-the-top and it distracted me tonight. They seemed to have some struggles along the way and moving too fast, but the bodies not keeping up.

7.0 – Bruno said he needs to keep on track with Kym.
7.0 – Julianne said he comes out and goes full-out every time and he is in it to win it.
7.0 – Len said there was a lot of content in there and it’s better than last week.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said they are so cute and he didn’t miss a step, but not at the same time as Kym.
Score: 28/40

Team: Noah and Sharna
Dance: Rumba

I love watching these two and it is so amazing how he can dance like this. His body is beyond rock hard. They had some stumbles along the way, but he said the package video got to him and it is all he was thinking.

8.0 – Bruno said what they do is intuitive and they anticipate each other’s actions.
7.0 – Julianne said we know the connection you have. His hip action is fantastic and he’s got it on the lower half.
7.0 – Len said it was like a conversation and it had that lovely action and reaction.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said this is a tough week for him and he deserves to be here.
Score: 29/40

Team: Rumer and Val
Dance: Jazz

I have been a fan of them this season and think she is a great dancer, but this one seemed a little off to me. They did some great moves along the way, but she was off with the girls to start the routine and then there seemed to be a few stumbles along the way, which normally doesn’t happen for them.

9.0 – Bruno said she gave it her own interpretation and it was hot.
7.0 – Julianne said her expectation for them is so high that she was a little underwhelmed and felt there was so much more they could do with that.
8.0 – Len said he doesn’t like all that raunchy stuff and what they did was good, but it is a ballroom and not a bedroom.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said it was powerful and strong, but it felt disjointed.
Score: 32/40

Team: Chris and Witney
Dance: Viennese Waltz

I’ll admit it, I got chills on this one from these two. I feel like they got it together and this was a great routine. They had the connection there and he had some good moves under his belt tonight. I was impressed and I liked it!

8.0 – Bruno said it is a spring awakening for Chris and he was doing all these lines.
8.0 – Julianne said she is blown away and he was so confident out there and she is so proud of him.
7.0 – Len said he liked the feel of it and the romance, but once he got into hold, he has to work on his technique.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said he wooed us all tonight and well done.
Score: 31/40

Team: Riker and Allison
Dance: Samba

I just love him and I thought I would be annoyed by him at the beginning of the season! These two are so awesome together and her choreography is amazing! This was so, so good and they had those arms working it and this was the best of the night!

10.0 – Bruno said they bring it to another level every week and he adores them.
9.0 – Julianne said that was fantastic, but watch his legs.
8.0 – Len said he loves his enthusiasm. It was good, but not great.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said she is totally fan-girling every time and she loves listening to him dance.
Score: 37/40

Now to some results for tonight on Dancing with the Stars 2015:

  • Nastia & Derek – Safe
  • Willow & Mark – Safe
  • Noah & Sharna – In Jeopardy
  • Robert & Kym – In Jeopardy
  • Rumer & Val – Safe
  • Chris & Witney – Safe
  • Patti & Artem – In Jeopardy
  • Riker & Allison – In Jeopardy

Now to the team dances and Nastia and Rumer are the team captains and we watch their rehearsals. Now to the performances on DWTS 2015.


Team YOLO – Nastia & Derek, Willow & Mark, Robert & Kym and Noah & Sharna
They perform to “Wipeout” and it was fun and upbeat. I liked Noah & Sharna’s solo and they had some fun tricks in there. Nastia & Derek did a great job and she had some tricks up her sleeve!

10.0 – Bruno said the structure of the number was superb.
10.0 – Julianne said she is super impressed by Robert & Kym and she loved it.
9.0 – Len said it was tight, together and terrific.
10.0 – Carrie Ann said they killed it and that is the Spring Break she wants to have every time.
Score: 39/40, which will be added to their individual scores from earlier tonight

Team Trouble – Rumer & Val, Riker & Allison, Patti & Artem and Chris & Witney
They perform to “Trouble” and I just love this song. I just loved this one! They were working it out and they had so much energy and they worked to all their strengths and great to see Chris having some fun and letting loose.

10.0 – Bruno said that was so cleverly put together and tonight is Chris’ breakthrough night.
10.0 – Julianne said it was so tight and so right on and she loved it.
9.0 – Len said that was so much fun and he was smiling from the start!
10.0 – Carrie Ann said Patti put us in our place.
Score: 39/40, which will be added to their individual scores from earlier tonight

Now to the final results on DWTS 2015 tonight and the four couples in jeopardy of going home are on the dance floor. Noah & Sharna and Riker & Allison are both safe, so it is down to Patti & Artem and Robert & Kym. After the votes and scores are added together, it is Patti & Artem eliminated tonight!

What do you think of the results on Dancing with the Stars Season 20 tonight?

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