We have My Jam Monday on Dancing with the Stars 2015 tonight, but we also have the first couple eliminated on DWTS 2015 tonight! The votes have been tallied and time for Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews to send one of the couples on Dancing with the Stars Season 20 home after they perform tonight. Check it out with us during our Dancing with the Stars 2015 Recap and see who went home on Dancing with the Stars 2015 tonight!


Last week on Dancing with the Stars Season 20, it was the premiere and time for the new couples to take the dance floor for the first time together! To be honest, I was thinking that I would not like many of these couples and they all seemed to annoy me before the night started. The night kicked off and I was liking more and more of the couples and they all seemed to perform really well together, especially for Week 1! The biggest shock had to be Chris Soules and Witney Carson, as he was getting on my nerves as The Bachelor 2015, but he won my back over and I loved their routine!

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The dance styles for tonight have been announced and our predictions have been made, so now it is time for us to sit back and watch them and listen to the Dancing with the Stars judges 2015 give their feedback! Follow along with our recap below!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s performances on DWTS 2015 Week 2. Don’t want to see them yet or don’t want to know who went home on Dancing with the Stars Season 20 tonight, then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…

Team: Chris and Witney
Dance: Cha Cha

He said Pitbull is the real deal and when you hear his music you have to dance, but he is struggling with the dance style and he can’t get the counting down. This one was a little rough for me. They seemed to be off at the very beginning and then came back together, but then lost it again. It was more messy then the premiere routine.

5.0 – Bruno said he got his feet stuck in a jam and his feet turned into jello, but he was much more erect.
5.0 – Julianne said he is very entertaining to watch.
6.0 – Len said his Monday jam got into a little bit of a pickle, but he did come out and do an okay job.
5.0 – Carrie Ann said he is so up for the challenge, but he has to take a less casual approach.
Score: 21/40

Team: Suzanne and Tony
Dance: Jive
To be honest, I felt like her personality came out a lot more with this routine. I know they had less time to work on these routine, but this was much better than last week. She had fun and they seemed more calm and cool on this one and I liked it.

7.0 – Bruno said very good job and it was teasing, but never sleazy.
7.0 – Julianne said last week was kind of safe and this week was all about the sass and she loved it.
7.0 – Len said great timing and she danced with energy and she was dancing like an 18 year old!
7.0 – Carrie Ann said this was the perfect dance for her and she loved the spring in her step.
Score: 28/40

Team: Robert and Kym
Dance: Foxtrot

How cute are these two together??? They are going out there and having fun on Dancing with the Stars 2015 and it is nice to see. It was a good routine and they danced it well and his smile makes you want to smile!

7.0 – Bruno said you’ve got the flash and the dash and he does everything with confidence.
7.0 – Julianne said the top frame is about attitude, so keep that in mind.
7.0 – Len said he thought his footwork was good and he worked on his technique.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said it almost made her nauseous with how cute it was, but he shuffles his feet.
Score: 28/40

Team: Charlotte and Keo
Dance: Cha Cha

They seemed to be moving a lot more this week and she struggled to keep up at times, but she did well. She seemed to have more fun with it and it was smoother.

6.0 – Bruno said if she’s got it, flaunt it. She can hit wonderful lines, but she doesn’t know how to move from one place to another.
7.0 – Julianne said she really wants to see her in this competition and there are so many layers and potential there.
6.0 – Len said it was fun and cheeky and better than last week.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said she gave it to her and that was really good.
Score: 26/40

Team: Michael and Peta
Dance: Foxtrot

I feel I liked him more last week and he was having more fun with it all. He seemed to be thinking more this week and inside his own head, which I did not like. They did a good job and he has some dance moves in there, so I enjoy that.

7.0 – Bruno said for such a big bruiser, he is so light on his feet, but bum is still sticking out.
7.0 – Julianne said it was like a Broadway performance and it was picture perfect and it was beautiful.
7.0 – Len said his footwork was better and his frame was okay.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said she is truly impressed and this week he is in the game.
Score: 28/40

Team: Rumer and Val
Dance: Cha Cha

She is really looking like her mom, Demi Moore, tonight, huh? She seems to have such confidence out there and I love that. I never thought I would enjoy Rumer this season, but she is so good and Val has her working it out. This was a great routine and she is a really good dancer!

8.0 – Bruno said she has a pin-sharp sense of purpose and she has the attack of a warrior on a mission.
8.0 – Julianne said she is pretty much a powerhouse and her legs are super sharp and quick, but try to breathe a little bit.
8.0 – Len said he wanted more Cha Cha in it, but she can dance!
8.0 – Carrie Ann said she loved the choreography and she loves that when she steps, she steps hard and she loved it.
Score: 32/40

Team: Redfoo and Emma
Dance: Jive

This was a great routine and there was so much energy on that dance floor. They were working it and he was keeping up with Emma and I liked it. They were having fun and I love seeing that.

8.0 – Bruno said he went from running on empty to running on plenty and great job.
8.0 – Julianne said it didn’t lack that much in technique and don’t lose the fun and that’s what we want to keep seeing.
7.0 – Len said he was trained and not tamed and he really went for it.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said he killed and he was so in the zone.
Score: 31/40

Team: Willow and Mark
Dance: Argentine Tango

I loved the beginning and the painted heart. I think this is a strong dance to have on Week 2 and they handled it pretty well. I think her legs could have been sharper, but it is Week 2 after all! It was intense and I thought it was good.

8.0 – Bruno said her maturity and growth in a week is incredible and she is a potential winner.
8.0 – Julianne said she came out with such intensity and well done.
8.0 – Len said she has such maturity in her dance and the lifts were great.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said the competition got very tight and her lines were incredible.
Score: 32/40

Team: Noah and Sharna
Dance: Samba

I just love this man. He has a smile on his face the whole time and he is a man’s man. It is fun to watch and he makes it work and he has an amazing body!

7.0 – Bruno said they are hot and the way he uses his core makes him so stable on the floor.
7.0 – Julianne said his musicality is so on-point and he is always there and always on beat.
6.0 – Len said the rhythm on his hips put a smile on his face.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said they are a wonderful team and that was great execution.
Score: 27/40

Team: Nastia and Derek
Dance: Rumba

We all know that they are going to be amazing and some of my bitterness about their partnership and being together this season went away with this dance. They were so good together and she is such a great dancer!

9.0 – Bruno said marvelous motion and her flow was flawless.
8.0 – Julianne said that was so beautifully executed and that was incredible for Week 2.
8.0 – Len said it was sharp, crisp and clean.
9.0 – Carrie Ann said the quality of motion was spectacular and she just took herself to a whole new level.
Score: 34/40

Team: Riker and Allison
Dance: Foxtrot

Riker is another one that I thought I would not enjoy this season, but Week 2 and I am in love. He did such a great job on this routine and I love how Allison works the funk into the foxtrot and it was so good.

8.0 – Bruno said the hair and the look is slick, but the foxtrot was even slicker.
8.0 – Julianne said that was so beautiful and he has such dynamic ability about him.
8.0 – Len said he could refine the hold a little bit, but he likes Riker.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said he looks so sexy and he is so presentational and he nows how to move the space.
Score: 32/40

Team: Patti and Artem
Dance: Salsa

Patti hurt her knee during rehearsals, but she vowed to dance through it tonight! You couldn’t see the hurt knee on this one, as she was out there having fun and working those legs and hips and knees and it was enjoyable!

7.0 – Bruno said VIP is the only way to be!
7.0 – Julianne said there is a baller in the ballroom and she wants to go to the club with her.
7.0 – Len said she sings with soul and she dances with soul.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said all hail Queen Patti LaBelle and she wants to go to the club with her.
Score: 28/40

The performances are done for tonight and now it is time to get the results on DWTS 2015! When all the judges’ scores and America’s votes were added together, the couple eliminated tonight on Dancing with the Stars 2015 is Redfoo & Emma!!!

What do you think of the results on DWTS Season 20 tonight?

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