Time to dust off your dancing shoes, as the Dancing with the Stars 2015 cast if ready to get this new fall season started on DWTS 2015! It’s hard to believe we are moving on to Dancing with the Stars Season 21, especially moving on to a season without Len Goodman as a judge! Time will tell how that will be, but watch the DWTS Season 21 premiere with us tonight during our Dancing with the Stars 2015 Recap that follows!

Dancing with the Stars 2015 Spoilers - Season 21 Premiere Recap

I say this every season, but I always find it interesting that I have to go and Google most of the “stars” on this show. Again, I didn’t know who most of them were and still don’t know why they are on the show, but who am I? Producers must think we will like them and to be honest, I didn’t know who Riker Lynch was last season and he grew to be my favorite by the end of the season, so you just never know!

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The dance styles for tonight have been announced and now it is time for us to sit back and watch them and listen to the Dancing with the Stars judges 2015 give their feedback! Follow along with our recap below!


The following post contains videos from tonight’s performances on DWTS 2015 Premiere. Don’t want to see them yet then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go….and we start with the pros taking the streets of Los Angeles for one of the biggest openings of DWTS history! Now time to the performances!

Team: Victor and Karina
Dance: Salsa

He said his whole family dances, but he does not! He is the Triple Crown winner and he has short term memory issues, so remembering the dances are going to be a struggle, plus their height difference! He has no rhythm, but it was so fun to watch. He looked like he was having fun and he was cute to watch!

5.0 – Bruno said we have to see more salsa and he has to be on time, but he can’t wait to see next week.
5.0 – Julianne said it was a fun way to start the show and she was surprised. Big things come in small packages.
5.0 – Carrie Ann said he is adorable and his energy is so focused. There was no salsa, but well done.
Score: 15/30

Team: Tamar and Val
Dance: Quickstep

Yeah, I was nervous about her, but I loved the package video and I think these two are going to be great together! This routine was great and a Quickstep on premiere night??? This was a great performance and they will be one to beat this season!

8.0 – Bruno said high octane, high volume and an incredible amount of content.
7.0 – Julianne said she is a feisty, fierce woman, but she was so graceful.
8.0 – Carrie Ann said they blew her away and that is one of the hardest dances to do.
Score: 23/30

Team: Chaka and Keo
Dance: Cha Cha

I love Keo, but he always gets the older women in the competition. Or the boobs from last season! And here we go again, as Keo is moving it big time and she seems lost. I don’t think she knew what was going on and that was a hot mess!

4.0 – Bruno said he adores her, but the timing was behind and they need to focus on the technique.
4.0 – Julianne said there is a space around her when she dances and she needs to use that space.
5.0 – Carrie Ann said it was super fun, but she was having so much fun that she forgot the choreography.
Score: 13/30

Team: Hayes and Emma
Dance: Cha Cha

He is a Vine star and hopes this will impress the girls for prom. He is freaking 15 years old! I think this kid can do a very good job this season. I hope he lasts long enough and I think he can learn a lot and it will be fun to see him grow on Dancing with the Stars 2015.

7.0 – Bruno said Season 21’s first boy wonder. His musicality seems to be natural, but he needs to be sharper.
7.0 – Julianne said he has a natural ability and he needs to focus on his core strength and open his eyes.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said he is so fun to watch. He is gawky in his body, but there is so much room to grow.
Score: 21/30

Team: Andy and Allison
Dance: Foxtrot

He performed on the show last season as a singer, but now he is back as a contestant! I love Allison, so I am excited for this pairing. They had good chemistry together, especially for Night 1! He has some work to do, but it was a strong start.

7.0 – Bruno said he was so dashing and so confident, but be careful of the footwork.
7.0 – Julianne said she loved it and she thought their connection was wonderful.
7.0 – Carrie Ann said they need to work on their energy together and it will be amazing.
Score: 21/30

Team: Paula and Louis
Dance: Quickstep

She has taken a lot of heat in the media, so can this help her case??? Louis said he is going to need a lot of patience with this one! This was a little bit of a mess too, as she was all over the place and he seemed to be dragging her around most of the time.

5.0 – Bruno said the worst is over and just go with it.
5.0 – Julianne said you were holding onto Louis for dear life and there was a lot going on.
5.0 – Carrie Ann said she sees a lot of potential with her, but she did not get her feet under her.
Score: 15/30