It was time for the semifinals on Dancing with the Stars 2014 last night, as the five remaining couples on Dancing with the Stars Season 19 took on two new routines, but to the same song! It was a night of some great performances and it seems like Len Goodman has been nice this season and giving out better scores than the other judges on DWTS 2014! That included the performances from Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas. Check out their performances on DWTS Season 19 last night below in our Dancing with the Stars 2014 spoilers!


She definitely was struggling with some confidence issues heading into tonight, but she didn’t let it show during this routine. Again, she is fun to watch and this was a great performance from them! The DWTS judges 2014 were liking it too, as they got a 37 out of 40 points.

Check out the performance here:

For the first time this season, I was not totally in love with their performance. She was going with the serious thing and her face was awkward. They seemed to fumble some of the legwork and the guitar prop was too much to handle and seemed awkward. While I was not a huge fan of the routine, the judges definitely were and gave them a 37 out of 40 again and they finished the night with 74 out of 80 points!

Check out the performance here:

Now check out photos of their performances on DWTS 2014 last night here:

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Do you think they can win Dancing with the Stars Season 19?

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