I don’t know what it is with these judges on Dancing with the Stars 2013, but they seem to always be a little harder on Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy during their critique and with their scores. They always seem to be one of the stronger couples on Dancing with the Stars Season 17, but then they end up in the bottom of the leaderboard because of the judges’ low scores. Why is that? They performed a very intense and very good jazz routine last night, but the scores didn’t seem to match it. Check out the Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy routine on DWTS 2013 last night below in our Dancing with the Stars 2013 spoilers video!


They had a routine and wardrobe consultation done, but then Elizabeth found out that “Bang Bang” was available and she could not pass up the opportunity to do it. They changed it up and that brought on huge amounts of stress. Elizabeth is putting a ton of pressure on herself and the rehearsals were tense. This was a great routine and I loved the story of the dance. She was the one in control and ended up the winner!

Bruno said it was like The Hunger Games and only one can survive. Because of that intensity, some of the moves were missed. Cher said it was great and it was rough and she liked the rough part of it. She said some more, but it was bleeped out! Carrie Ann said she was one-dimensional in her anger and when she dances the jazz it has to be all over the place.

Check out their performance here:

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