It was the 1st of a 2 part finale on DWTS Monday night. The 3 finalists, Nicole and Derek, Erin and Maksim and Evan and Anna all performed 2 dances. A redemption dance(a dance the judges felt they should have done better at the 1st time around) and the freestyle dance.

1st up was Erin and Maks, and although her improvements were huge, I don’t think it was THAT good, was it? I always like to hear from the ladies on this show cuz I look at it from a guy’s point of view and sometimes girls tell me I’m so wrong! So maybe I just don’t get it with Erin…maybe I’m way off, but to me? She just looks like she feels uncomfortable being sexy! It just seems whenever she tries to be sexy, it comes off like she TRYING to be, instead of just being! Good dance but 29? It was kinda funny there at the end when they both kissed Len, but what kinda thoughts is Len having, wondering what it feels like to be kissed by a guy with a beard! Like what? Sorry Lenny! Can’t relate on that one!

Next was Evan and Anna. I already started shaking my head when I seen they were doing the Viennese Waltz! I HATE that dance and most waltz dances! Its just so boring, geez! I don’t get the grace and the romance of it all, probably because I KNOW they’re not a real couple! LOL..Again, I realize this is probably a guy thing! My mom BLASTED me for not getting the romantic thing! LOL…Well mom? I tried buying into it tonight..and Nope! Just not feeling it! As far as the dance goes, it was fine just not anything I was impressed with! They got a 28.

Dancing 3rd was Nicole and Derek, who I’m finding myself rooting for harder and harder the more I feel this backlash against her! I won’t waste another blog explaining why other than to say again, it’s not her fault if they don’t have better competition! The girl can dance her ass off! Fair or not, that IS the deal! I think this Rumba was the dance of the night..even better than their freestyle dance! Nicole KNOWS how to be sexy! Plus those moves were pretty sweet! I think it deserved a 30! They got 28..

Erin and Maks returned to do their freestyle and I gotta tell you, I’m watching going, “WTF is this, a dance or a bedroom aerobic session? All that was missing was for them to break out into a pillow fight!” Yes it was taking a big chance, but no it did NOT deliver! If it weren’t for that cool move towards the end, I think they would have even got lower than 26, which ended up giving them a final of 55 for the night. My opinion has changed, and I’m not so sure Nicole is going to win now, Erin could be your DWTS champ!

I think the best part of this freestyle with Evan and Anna, was the drama in rehearsal when Even basically told Anna their freestyle sucks, and ends up walking out for a few, leaving Anna in tears! Eventually, they got it back on track but were on the wrong train! I’m not a big fan of the whole “Footloose” thing! I didn’t like the 80’s version and I won’t like the new remake coming out! It wasn’t terrible dancing like the judges made it seem..just a little corny for me and the judges gave them a 24, making their total 52.

I thought for SURE Nicole would smack this one out of the park! I think is the shows best professional is Derek, and I really thought this would be THE dance! It was an amazing dance, but the mess-up at the end assured they wouldn’t be getting 10’s! Had they nailed that, I think they would have got 30 for sure! I was glad to see them take those stupid looking suits off, cuz for a few I didn’t think they would! I think Nicole’s fear of doing what people would consider a “typical hip-hop” dance, is going to cost her this competition! She should have done what she knows best and got the “for sure” 10’s by doing a modern, kick ass, hip-hop dance! Still an incredible dance! Don’t get me wrong, but I was disappointed! They got 27 and a total of 55 for the night.

Erin and Maksim are tied with Nicole and Derek with 55, followed by Evan and Anna with 52. Evan’s going to REALLY need the voter support to pull this out! I think it comes down to Erin and Nicole now for sure! I think Nicole and Derek kill it out there tomorrow, but it won’t be enough to overcome the popular ESPN sweetheart Erin Andrews and her partner Maksim Chermkovksiy and Erin will win DWTS tomorrow night!

I’ll be pulling for the best dancers by far IMO and that’s Nicole and Derek!