Finally the guys broke out of their funk! Lol.. A bittersweet win cuz they lost Michael Johnson, which for me didn’t matter cuz unless he’s running track for the U.S.A. in the Olympics, I’m not a big fan of see ya Mikey!

I think we might see a lady added to the guys team next week, no? I hate to say it, but Sharon should probably just throw the towel in and go..I don’t see her being able to snap it together for the next project, but we’ll see..

I’m so glad the men won! Had they lost, you just know, personal issues or not, Bret would have been thrown under the bus, again! Even though he questioned himself, Bret had that whole commercial in his head before they did it! It ended up being the task that broke their 3 loss streak! So I’m sooo hoping he doesn’t have to leave because of his daughters health ! I usually can’t help myself but to rip on someone crying on TV, but when it’s someone’s kid, I don’t go there..

The ladies strong foundation has not only cracked, but its seems to be crumbling fast! I love it! LOL..I would have loved to see Holly go! Notice how she moves right past the point that she didn’t even wanna see the final viral ad? Nothing like a blatant setup for Maria huh!

And just a little 2 cents here..I could care less about Cyndi going to see the President..IMO, that’s not a very good reason to be gone, and then because of that, given a pass for the week? What,they all can’t find something like that to attend? Maybe it’s just me cuz I’m so sick of her..

I’m glad Trump didn’t bite on the tag team from Holly and Selita on Maria and I was glad to see Selita go! Also I’m glad to see Curtis win for an American based charity! See that Selita?

And how fake of Selita to run her mouth about Maria AFTER she gets done giving her the fake BS when she’s face to face, hugging her! Bye Selita!!

I think Holly also got a pass tonight along with Sharon and Cyndi..there were good reasons to fire her, but I can live with Selita being FIRED!!

Sirlinksalot Celebrity Apprentice

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