Celebrity Apprentice Lisa Lampanelli says she does ‘absolutely not’ regret her racial slur to Dayana Mendoza. Entertainment Weekly spoke to Lisa Lampanelli and got her thoughts on her firing, the treat of Dayana, and Clay’s death threat to her. The “Queen of Mean” lets it all out in this interview.

On her firing: Here’s what happened. When he said the hair dryer task was worth a hundred grand, something in my gut told me, I’m gonna win and I’m gonna go out on that note. Maybe this is giving Donald Trump too much credit, but I thought, he wants me to go out on a high note for really helping the charity and for working so hard.”” This is just my feeling. I go, “I’m not famous enough to be in the final two.” That was my whole feeling. In my gut, I kind of knew it and Aubrey kept trying to talk me out of it. I go, “Dude, I’m going home and I’m going to be happy about it because I can not wait to get some sleep. I can’t take it anymore.”

On if she was too mean to Mendoza on the show: Absolutely not, because you guys did not see the 48 hours on each task that I had to deal with a gnat in my ear. Now, I get it. I was 25 myself once. I also thought I knew everything. I also thought that I could give singers singing advice and comics comedy advice. When you’re that age, you know it all so I understand it. But when you’re tired and you don’t have patience for it, you definitely snap. So no, I don’t think mean is telling the truth. I think mean is maybe hitting somebody — that I fell just short of doing, even though Clay threatened to kill her.