The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 spoilers have leaked..who will be the final two? Though The Celebrity Apprentice just began airing, filming has finished and Apprentice spoilers are starting to leak. The forum crew over at Survivor Sucks has been keeping a close eye on the NYC filming since day one, and some think they have uncovered some great tidbits. In fact, Saturday one poster starting sharing details on who the supposed final two are, and spoiler fans can’t resist checking these out.

According to forum poster “skittles,” the final two on The Celebrity Apprentice 5 are Clay Aiken and Arsenio Hall. If the information this poster is sharing is correct, it sounds like Clay Aiken may be the next to be crowned the Apprentice winner. The final challenge is apparently to put on a big show and there is a fundraising component. Clay’s event, benefiting the National Inclusion Project, was at Skylight Soho on November 20th.

His team included Dee Snider, Penn Gillette, Aubrey O’Day and Debbie Gibson. Apparently all of his teammates rave about him and fans lined up to throw money his way and attend the show.

Arsenio Hall was said to be throwing his final challenge event nearby, and his team included comedian Linda Lampanelli. Supposedly Lisa even donated $10,000 to Clay’s team even though she was on Arsenio’s team. While Clay’s show is said to have been something of a family show featuring everybody on the team, Arsenio’s was racier and didn’t hit the mark for everybody.

What other tidbits are coming out of the Survivor Sucks forum so far? It looks as if Adam Corolla, George Takei and Michael Andretti are the first guys to be eliminated, though nobody is sure of the order. Dee Snider is an early frontrunner, and he breaks his finger during one of the challenges, ends up having surgery and four pins are put in his hand, but he keeps competing.

The women’s team is said to be a mess this year, and looking at the cast, many fans aren’t surprised. Victoria Gotti has already hinted that she and fellow castmate Teresa Guidice butt heads. Surprisingly Aubrey O’Day is said to make the final five. Follow us on Facebook by clicking here.